All Of Your Favorite Musicians & Celebrities Want You To Register To Vote

first_imgToday marks National Voter Registration Day, and prized non-profit organization HeadCount wants you to take notice. As HeadCount’s mission is to register young people to vote, it’s no surprise that they’ve recruited an all-star roster of musicians and celebrities to help spread the message.Members of Grateful Dead, Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Wilco, My Morning Jacket, David Crosby, Gary Clark Jr., The Black Keys, Leon Bridges, The National, moe., Ween, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Karl Denson, Keller Williams, Umphrey’s McGee, The String Cheese Incident, Lotus, STS9, Dead & Company, The Disco Biscuits, Gov’t Mule and so many more have all contributed to this important campaign.If you aren’t registered, be sure to head to HeadCount’s website to find one of the 50+ voter registration drives taking place in major cities today, or just register to vote online. However you choose, just be sure to get out and vote!Check out a gallery of our favorites encouraging the vote with a Register To Vote clipboard. Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Harvard Kennedy School alumni elected to Congress

first_imgChristopher Van Hollen M.P.P. ’85 will join Harvard Kennedy School alumnus Jack Reed M.P.P. ’73 (Rhode Island) in the U.S. Senate next January after winning the seat of retiring Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski. Van Hollen served seven terms in the U.S. House of Representatives after 12 years in the Maryland General Assembly. He has called for improving education, expanding the economy, and election reform.Van Hollen and members of the 115th Congress will face many difficult challenges during the next two years as a new presidential administration assumes power. He joins 25 other HKS degree-program and executive education alumni who won election. (Michigan’s long-serving Congressman Sander Levin, a former IOP Fellow, was also reelected.)Katherine M. Clark M.P.A. ’97, Stephen F. Lynch M.P.A. ’99, and Seth Moulton M,P,A, ’11 were all reelected in Massachusetts. They join 19 other HKS alumni who were reelected around the country, including Raul Ruiz M.P.P. ’01. Several new House members will be sworn into office in January, including Salud Carbajal HKSEE ’13 (California) and Thomas O’Halleran HKSEE ’05 (Arizona).Kate Brown HKSEE ’98 was elected governor of Oregon. Brown, who assumed the Oregon governor’s office in February 2015 after her predecessor resigned because of a scandal, became the first openly LGBT candidate to win a gubernatorial race.last_img read more

Fun Home Scribe Lisa Kron on Writing About Real People & Her Quest Not to Be Invisible

first_imgThis piece has Alison, Medium Alison and Small Alison. What were Medium Lisa and Small Lisa like?I was consciously waiting to be an adult. I was someone who was a mini adult trapped in a child’s body waiting to be set free. I was painfully shy as a kid. Whatever that currency is that makes a girl—and certainly in the ‘60s and ‘70s—noticeable in the world, I didn’t have it. I think it pissed me off to be invisible in that way and I was determined to make myself visible. I think I did that by very consciously developing a sense of humor. And then it started to become clear—particularly for a girl—there’s a fine line between being funny and being obnoxious. I made a sort of study of that. So I think that was something I was very interested in: being successfully funny and to not be invisible.What’s your advice to aspiring writers?I don’t really know what advice to give people except show up on time, do your work, make yourself pleasant to be around and listen to what other people are saying. You don’t have to agree with them, but listen to them. Go towards the thing that feels like it has heat around it, even if you can’t quite understand it. Just go towards that thing! See what’s going on.What’s your favorite line in Fun Home? Lisa Kron is an acclaimed writer and a performer. Her plays include The Ver**zon Play, In The Wake, 2.5 Minute Ride and the autobiographical Well, in which she played (a version) of herself and was nominated for a 2006 Best Actress in a Play Tony Award. Kron is currently represented on Broadway by the much acclaimed Fun Home, for which she wrote the book and lyrics with Jeanine Tesori composing the score. The piece, based on Alison Bechdel’s graphic memoir, is nominated for 12 Tony Awards. Kron recently invited into her sun-filled, book-lined Brooklyn apartment to talk about the new musical and more.What time of day do you get your best work done?My favorite way to write is when I’m in a workshop with actors: I get up super early, write for several hours, take a shower, go to rehearsal, rehearse with those pages, and then meet with the creative team and talk about what we learned during the day. Then I come home, totally check out, watch a bunch of TV on my computer for a little while, go to bed early and then get up again really early. I love that—it’s the most productive thing. If I’m not in a workshop, it’s a less flattering process: I have a ritual with my newspaper and tea and then at some point—depending on how pressing the deadline is—I’ll start to write.What essential items do you like to have on hand when you write?Peppermint patties, tea, seltzer, my MacBook. If I get stuck then I’ll write longhand for while. The other thing I do when I get stuck is set a timer. Workshops and deadlines are really good for me because otherwise I get mired in minutia.What theatrical experience changed your life?What’s the hardest thing about writing characters that are real people?There’s something slightly indefensible about writing about other people who are alive. It’s a mercenary thing to do. I think writers do it because they believe they have an imperative that’s greater than the imperative to let people control their own image, and whether that’s legitimate or not I can’t really say—I think it’s slightly questionable. But in this case, we were adapting Alison’s book; we weren’t adapting her life. Our loyalty was to the work of art that she had created and to try to reimagine that in this other form. Fun Home Related Shows View Comments What surprised you most about writing your first musical?I don’t know if it surprised me, but it was very difficult to figure out the difference between dialogue and lyrics. Jeanine was the greatest guide into that; she was very patient. I mean I knew this. People talk about it. Sondheim certainly has written about it: the way that lyrics are spare and they leave room for the music to do this other thing. But the actual experience of it was surprising and so gratifying. I think you have to love collaboration to be in the theater—you can’t make it by yourself, and making theater songs with someone is a profoundly satisfying type of theatrical collaboration.What writers inspire you?What’s the nitty gritty hard work of being a writer that no one ever told you?It’s always uncomfortable, and it never stops being uncomfortable. Is there anything that that Alison Bechdel said to you about Fun Home that particularly stayed with you?Her relationship to this piece and to everyone who’s made it is really great and special. It was scary to send her work. I sent her an email that said, “Before you listen to it, I want to remind you—I know that you know this, but I want to remind you—that there are a lot of inventions and there are a lot of conflations in this work. We have had to change a lot of things and make up a lot of things.” And she said, “Thank you for reminding me, it’s good to be prepared for that.” And then she responded by sending me and Jeanine a dozen roses. She said “I don’t know how you did it, but even the things you made up feel like they were true.” When we were recording the cast album, I was watching her watch Sydney singing. I said, “When you watch that, do you feel like that’s you?” And she said “Yeah.” It was really wild because that’s all made up. Show Closed This production ended its run on Sept. 10, 2016last_img read more

Colombian Air Force Evacuates Injured Soldiers in Caquetá

first_imgBy Dialogo February 19, 2013 The Colombian Air Force deployed reconnaissance and combat aircraft in the rural area of San Antonio de Getucha, on February 13, where the National Army’s 35° Jungle Infantry Battalion troops are fighting against narcoterrorists’ Front 15 of the FARC. As soon as the fighting was evident, aircraft from nearby air units were deployed, arriving in time to repeal the attack by air, providing security to land troops, as well as protecting the civil population, and blocking criminal actions from the narcoterrorists. Furthermore, the Colombian Air Force provided medical aircraft aimed at transporting wounded military officers, who will be examined by the institution’s medical team before deciding where they will transfer them for assistance. The Colombian Air Force will continue its effective and immediate offensive power anywhere in the Colombian territory where aircraft are required. The aim is to prevent narcoterrorist groups from threatening the security of the Colombian people.last_img read more

Mangano Sexting Scandal A ‘Hoax,’ NCPD Says

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York An investigation into an alleged sexting scandal by Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano, which threatened to upend his political career, found no evidence that he sent explicit messages to women, a top-ranking Nassau police official said Thursday.“They did not sext each other,” Det. Sgt. Patrick Ryder, commanding officer of Asset Forfeiture and Intelligence unit, told reporters during a news conference Thursday at the department’s police academy in Massapequa Park. Ryder was referring to Mangano and Karin Caro, founder of the public relations firm Blue Chip Marketing, who was the person identified as allegedly being on the receiving end of Mangano’s provocative messages. One alleged sext, in which someone identified as “Ed M” discusses sexual acts, was forged and never sent or received by either Mangano or Caro, Ryder said. An animated Ryder said there was no proof Mangano ever sent the message, despite it being linked to his phone number. A purported Tweet from Caro’s Twitter account also appears to be a fake, investigators found.The sexting scandal, which Mangano adamantly denied any involvement in, emerged on Feb. 13 during an explosive report by CBS News.“I want you to (blank) my brains out even if it’s in my car again,” was one of the messages allegedly sent by Mangano, according to CBS News.Mangano suggested to CBS News that he was a victim of a hack and told the Press on Valentine’s Day that the whole scandal is “totally fabricated.”After Mangano became aware of the supposed sexts, he filed a verbal complaint with Nassau County police.In response to Nassau police’s investigation, Mangano released a statement reiterating that he was victimized. “As I stated from the moment this matter was brought to my attention, my family and I are the victims of a hoax perpetuated by a deranged individual,” Mangano said. “I can only hope that the media will report the truth in the same manner as they reported the outrageous lies against me and the other victim,” he added. “Now, I respectfully ask that you leave my family and me alone on this matter.”The department’s investigation commenced almost immediately, with Ryder personally overseeing the probe. During Thursday’s press conference, Ryder took the unusual step of laying out the entire investigation from start to finish, including the time and date of interviews with those involved, and documenting how the department came to the conclusion that the whole scandal was a hoax. At one point Ryder, who took issue with suggestions that the department would cover up the scandal for Mangano’s benefit, said the investigation was done independent of the county executive’s office and the office of acting Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter, Mangano’s pick to head the department.“When they came to my office I was handed this bag of crap,” Ryder said. “Look around, there’s no one standing behind me. This investigation was done independently.”“I was brought up to the tell the truth,” he added, “I am telling you the truth with the evidence in front of me. I would never embarrass my family, I would never embarrass my office…my job is to follow the evidence, I took the evidence and I followed it.“As far as I’m concerned,” he continued, “this sexting case is closed.”Ryder did say, however, that Mangano was never hacked. Citing the recent high-profile case between the FBI and Apple regarding the phone belonging to one of the San Bernardino, Calif. shooters, Ryder said it’s impossible for anyone to hack an iPhone without the password or Apple ID.The investigation included analysis of both Mangano and Caro’s phones, which turned up no evidence that the pair had communicated. The police also used license plate reader technology and determined that neither Mangano nor Caro’s vehicles were ever in the same location at once, Ryder said. An examination of deleted messages—which the department has the ability to obtain and analyze—also did not reveal any relationship between Mangano and Caro.A slide showing a sexting message allegedly sent by Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano. Nassau police said it’s a fake message. (Rashed Mian/Long Island Press)One of the more racier messages purportedly sent by Mangano to Caro appears to be a forged document, made to look like a screenshot of an actual text exchange, investigators found. Ryder said he Googled the first nine words in the message and it took him to a website that mirrors the message. Also, an alleged Tweet from Caro’s account that suggests a vindictive motive, almost verbatim matches a quote from a news article regarding a divorce between Hollywood socialites, Ryder said.“This is a document that could have been created by a kid or somebody that has an agenda,” Ryder said of the text. “There is no number from Mr. Mangano that ties him to the document.”“[Caro] overwhelmingly denies ever seeing it,” Ryder added. “She denies ever having Ed Mangano’s cell phone, she denies ever personally contacting Ed Mangano through any electronic communication.” However, Caro has done business with the county before and received two contracts from Nassau in 2013 and 2014 to promote events.Ryder said both Mangano and Caro cooperated with the investigation and gave detectives permission to personally sift through their devices.Ryder noted that he personally interviewed Mangano and threatened to arrest the county executive himself if evidence later turned up revealing he was lying.Mangano’s response: “I was not involved with that woman.”The alleged sexting scandal included messages sent to other women, but Caro was the only one publicly identified.last_img read more

Green MEP alarmed by results of EIOPA pension fund stress tests

first_imgThe results of the stress tests of European occupational pension funds carried out by EIOPA underscore the need for effective regulation to protect pensioners and companies, Green Party MEP Sven Giegold has said.Giegold is the financial and economic policy spokesperson of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, and a member of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON).Giegold said the results painted “a gloomy picture”, revealing that defined benefit occupational pension schemes faced a “dramatic” funding shortfall.“This stress test has revealed funding gaps for occupational pensions,” he said. “EIOPA has underpinned worse-case misgivings with numbers.”He pointed to the €773bn figure that emerged as the deficit facing pension funds under EIOPA’s second stress scenario and said this illustrated the funding gap in accruals facing EU occupational pension schemes.“National accounting standards,” he added, “conceal the funding gaps included in the balance sheets of many companies.”Giegold said pension schemes were weaker than the stress tests showed, arguing that they did not test a realistic scenario of enduring low interest rates and longer life expectancy.He also took issue with EIOPA’s use of a 4.2% risk-free discount rate for longer maturities (the ultimate forward rate) and said EIOPA’s statement on the results downplayed the outcome of the tests.He called for an end to a “head-in-the-sand” policy on life insurance and occupational pensions, and for “an open and honest” debate in the EU and national parliaments on “the lack of funding due to low interest rates”.“It is unacceptable to just pretend problems do not exist,” he said.Giegold said companies should not become hostages to pension promises, “expected to make up the gaps from profits that will be under increasing pressure”.They need to be able to invest while it is also “equally unacceptable to simply assume hidden state guarantees”, he said.Giegold’s reaction to the stress tests contrast with those of several national regulators and pension fund associations, many of which concluded that the results showed that pension schemes posed no risk to financial stability.last_img read more

Fifteen signs you’re about to cheat

first_img Share 92 Views   no discussions Share Sharing is caring! Tweetcenter_img Share LifestyleRelationships Fifteen signs you’re about to cheat by: – December 11, 2012 Photo credit: examiner.comThere’s a new kind of infidelity that’s destroying marriages and wreaking havoc among committed couples. It’s called emotional sex. We all know that infidelity is as old as civilization, but emotional sex is a new and more insidious kind of infidelity that was born out of the digital era of the 21st century. It used to take a long time for affairs to develop. Not anymore. With the advent of social media and technology at our fingertips 24/7, the pathway to cheating is fast and practically unobstructed. It’s easier than ever to meet others, stay constantly (and secretly) in contact, get intimate and cheat on our partners. That’s why emotional sex is so much more potent: Instant access to our lover is in our pocket, our purse, or laptop. We don’t even have to leave home to cheat. We can do it while the kids are playing in the backyard or our partner is downstairs watching TV or cooking dinner.When we feel restless and dissatisfied with our relationships, instead of working on it, we become addicted to our electronic gadgets. They offer us the kind of instant gratification and validation that’s not always easy to get from our partners. We turn to our laptops, tablets and cellphones for the kind of attention, stimulation and intimacy we crave. As a result, our relationships are suffering. Divorce rates are increasing, infidelity stats are rising and social media is increasingly to blame; Facebook, as an example, is reportedly being cited in over 30% of divorce cases as the cause of the breakup. More and more men and women are cheating, and much of the cheating starts — or is being fueled — online.Has your online friendship crossed the line? Sure, it’s easy to make excuses and deny what’s happening by telling ourselves, “It’s just innocent flirting,” or “We’re only Facebook friends,” or “I’m just texting with a co-worker, that’s all!” How can you be sure that what you’re doing is really innocent and harmless, or if you’re slipping down the slippery slope toward emotional sex?Take this 60-second reality check quiz from my book “Chatting or Cheating” to see whether it’s just chatting or if you’re really cheating. The key is whether the 3 S’s are present: Shared intimacy, Secrecy and exclusion, or Sexual chemistry.Are you… Shared Intimacy · Exchanging personal, intimate, and confidential information (and/or had offline contact) with an online “friend” that your partner doesn’t know about?· Giving more and more time, attention and emotional support to your “friend” and less to your partner at home?· Beginning to emotionally or physically withdraw from your partner, preferring to spend time away, online, talking or texting with your “friend” vs. connecting with your partner?· Constantly checking to see if your “friend” has made contact and/or are continually trying to come up with ways to connect and have contact? · Feeling high and happy when connected with your “friend” and low and lonely when you’ve been disconnected for too long?Secrecy & Exclusion · Hiding your correspondence with your “friend” from your partner?· Becoming secretive or evasive about your activities, changing your passwords, getting new anonymous email addresses, setting up fake profiles, joining a dating or cheating hook-up site?· Avoiding getting into serious conversations with your partner?· Pretending you’re single when you’re not?· Spending a large amount of time (in person or online) talking, sharing, confiding with your friend and not telling your partner about it? Or worse, lying about who you are with?Sexual Chemistry · Finding yourself sexually and/or emotionally aroused when you think about or have contact with your “friend”?· Sending or receiving flirtatious or sexy emails, texts, photos or videos?· Doing anything sexual using your webcam (or your imagination)? Having sexy chats? Sharing your sexual fantasies? Masturbating and/or mutually masturbating?· Imagining you are in bed with your “friend,” while making love with your partner?· Feeling cold when it comes to having sex with your partner? More interested in reading a book, Facebooking, watching TV, or talking to your “friend” then making love with your partner?If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above, blaring alarms should be ringing in your head, because you have definitely slid down the slippery slope of emotional sex and into cheating. If this is indeed the case, you need to deal with the truth of what’s really going on, fast. Whether you believe it or not, you’re putting your primary relationship at risk, and if you care about saving it, it’s time to put on the brakes on the cyber friendship and start pouring the energy, time, and focus you’ve been giving to your “friend” back into your primary relationship.If you’ve been seeking a thrill and fulfillment from outside sources, it usually means something is missing in your relationship with your partner. If that’s the case, it’s time to take a serious, hard look at what’s really going on and fix it.The cost of an affair — be it cyber, emotional or physical — can be devastating to a relationship. If you want to avoid a divorce, it’s time to take the blinders off and turn off the gadgets. Start infusing your marriage with the affection, attention and appreciation you both need and deserve. It’s never too late to turn things around, even if you’ve already crossed a line (or if your partner has). All it takes is a sincere willingness to open up, be honest, and learn to love, respect and treat each other as good friends again.Huffington Postlast_img read more

One hundred french teachers complete training

first_imgEducationLocalNewsPrimarySecondary One hundred french teachers complete training by: – October 28, 2011 Tweet 32 Views   no discussions Share Sharing is caring!center_img Share Participants of the workshop. Image via: Dionne DurandRoseau, Dominica – October 27, 2011…The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, in collaboration with the Universite des Antilles et de la Guyane, and the Dominica State College, has completed a programme of training of one hundred Dominican teachers in French as a foreign language.The final evaluation of the three-year programme, which ends in November 2011, took place at the Fort Young Hotel on Thursday. Twelve professors and other staff of the Universite des Antilles et de la Guyane and eight teachers and officers from the Dominica State College and the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development participated in the evaluation session.The project, funded by the French agency, Interreg Caraibes at a cost of EC$1.5 million, was aimed at providing training for Dominican teachers and students of the Dominica State College who intend to pursue a career in teaching French. Teachers’ knowledge and understanding of the French language were also enhanced through immersion visits to Guadeloupe and Martinique where they were exposed to the culture, people, places of interest and advanced classroom practices.Coordinator of the French programme in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, Charlene White-Christian, says over eighty percent of the teachers are expected to attain mastery level after sitting their final exams earlier this week.She said the teachers would then be eligible to apply for French scholarships to French universities, through the French Embassy in St. Lucia.Melinda Ulysses, one of the teachers who participated in the workshop. According to White-Christian, the teachers are now versed in French culture and pedagogy, having received instruction in the proper execution of French lessons using various media.Programme participant, Melinda Ulysses, a teacher at the St. Mary’s Primary, says the programme has helped improve her French language skills, and she is now better able to deliver her lessons. “It has been excellent. I give it an A plus, especially considering the fact that we travelled to the French countries, heard the language and experienced the culture.“I plan to pass on my new knowledge to my students, so that they too can speak French like they were born doing it. I also plan to apply for a scholarship to France,” she said.Twenty-five secondary and seventy-five primary school teachers participated in the programme.White-Christian says the Universite Antilles Guyane has also partnered with the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development to develop a network of language laboratories in Dominica, providing thirty-five laptop computers for the centers. By: Dionne Durand Sharelast_img read more

January 9, 2019 Police Blotter

first_imgJanuary 9, 2019 Police Blotter010919 Decatur County Law Report010919 Decatur County EMS Report010919 Decatur County Fire Report010919 Decatur County Jail Report010919 Batesville Police Blotterlast_img

Eagles train in Dnipro ahead of clash with Ukraine

first_imgRelatedPosts Rohr lists Musa, Ekong, 23 others for Cote d’Ivoire, Tunisia friendlies Super Eagles soar on FIFA ranking FIFA ranking: Nigeria moves up by two spots, now world 29th The Super Eagles have arrived in the city of Dnipro, Ukraine ahead of Tuesday’s international friendly with the senior national team of Ukraine, with 18 players part of an early morning team walk on Sunday. Technical Adviser Gernot Rohr has fixed 5:30pm on Sunday for the team’s first training session, when all 22 players would be fully assembled in Ukraine’s third city. At Sunday morning’s team walk were goalkeepers Francis Uzoho, Ikechukwu Ezenwa and Maduka Okoye, defenders William Ekong, Jamilu Collins, Leon Balogun and Bryan Idowu, midfielders Alex Iwobi, Joseph Aribo, Oghenekaro Etebo and Anderson Esiti, and forwards Joshua Maja, Samuel Kalu, Paul Onuachu, Victor Osimhen, Samuel Chukwueze, Emmanuel Dennis and Moses Simon. Spain-based defender Chidozie Awaziem arrived the team’s hotel, ahead of defenders Olaoluwa Aina and Oluwasemilogo Ajayi, and Kelechi Iheanacho, who were being expected at just afternoon. The training session will hold at FC Dnipro’s training ground at Dnipropetrovsk, within the Pridniprovsk housing estate. Tuesday’s clash will take place at the 31,000-capacity Dnipro Arena, home ground of top club FC Dnipro, and will kick-off at 9:30pm Ukraine time (7”30pm in Nigeria). It is the first assemblage of the three-time African champions since finishing third and with the bronze medals at the first-ever 24-team Africa Cup of Nations staged by Egypt June/July this year. For the Super Eagles, the game also serves as part of the preparation for November’s 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying duels with the Squirrels of Benin Republic and the Crocodiles of Lesotho. Meanwhile, Turkish Airline management has promised to deliver to Dnipro before Tuesday the Nigeria team’s kit bags and luggage of six players that failed to arrive with the team from Istanbul on Saturday. Team Administrator, Dayo Enebi Achor, told “Our kit bags did not arrive with us from Istanbul. The bags of six players also did not arrive, but we have alerted Turkish Airline and they have promised to deliver them to us in Dnipro between Sunday and Monday.”Tags: DniproGernot RohrIkechukwu EzenwaSuper Eagleslast_img read more