Moroccan Rewarded for Discovering a Loophole in Facebook

Fez – Ayoub Fathi, a 21-year old Moroccan, has discovered a “dangerous” loophole in Facebook and was rewarded 7,500 US Dollars for it.The disciplined Moroccan hacker found a way to get a hold of hidden and deleted documents from Facebook accounts. He was also able to determine the time when the document’s were published and with whom the account owner had shared them.Facebook rushed to fix the loophole two hours after being notified, and Fathi was rewarded 7,500 US Dollars for his effort to cooperate with the giant social media network. “I feel very happy to get this reward as I will be classified among the first fifteen disciplined hackers in the honor list of Facebook,” Fathi told Morocco World News.Fathi’s, a Master’s student in computer science, says his purpose is not to gain money or fame. He describes himself as a “devoted researcher” in information technology.Fathi also found loopholes in other famous international sites such “Google,” “Oracle,” “Adobe,” “Apple,” “Microsoft,” and  “BlackBerry.” His name was also included in the honor list of these internet giants.Fathi told MWN that the loophole he discovered in Facebook was categorized as dangerous.“I hope I will be to among the most well-known scientists and researchers who help strengthen the security of websites worldwide,” he concluded. read more