Union embraces Scientology

first_imgScientology has found its way into the Oxford Union.The collected works of L Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology, are currently sitting outside the office of President James Langman.Hubbard was an author who specialised in pulp fiction before creating the Church of Scientology. The celebrity-endorsed religion teaches that people are immortal alien spiritual beings who have forgotten their true nature.Ten boxes of papers, books and CDs containing the works of the founder are now in the Union’s possession after being donated by the late Publicity Director of the Church’s British wing, David Gaiman.Gaiman was scheduled to speak at the Union, planning to donate the works then, but passed away unexpectedly in March 2009.Gaiman’s secretary then proceeded to offer the works to the Union as had been intended.The Union said they “would be delighted to accept these materials he intended us to have”.So far however, the collection has remained untouched. The President told The Telegraph that he had not even “got around to opening them yet”.When questioned by Cherwell about the future of the donation, Langman stated that, along with the Librarian, he would be examining the contents of the collection during the Easter holidays, in order to determine “how we might catalogue it and make it available to members”.It is unclear why Gaiman chose to donate the works to the Union, though it follows on from previous attempts by the Church to associate itself with the University.The personality test commonly associated with Scientology is usually referred to as the ‘Oxford Capacity Analysis’, despite having no formal connection with either the city or the University.The test is a crucial aspect of Scientological recruitment, as well as being used to monitor the development of Church members.When contacted, the Church provided no comment as to why Gaiman chose the Union to receive the collection, but did state that it would be worth mentioning how L Ron Hubbard features in the Guinness Book of Records as the most published author, the most translated author and the author with most audio books.Gaiman was a prominent member of the British wing of Scientology, having worked his way up  from the ‘Guardian’s Office’, or public relations and intelligence bureau, to eventually head the British Church. The Theology Faculty provided no response to the Union’s acquisition of the Scientology texts when approached by Cherwell.last_img

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