first_img IS IT TRUE if you were a member of a search committee looking for a new CEO to run your Corporation would you consider hiring anyone from the Evansville City Council?IS IT TRUE we would like to congratulate Councilwoman Connie Robinson on her quick thinking and strong stance to stop additional fees from being imposed on local water and sewer customers?  …Jenny Collins,  Financial Officer of the Evansville Water and Sewer Utility Board last night showed open disrespect toward Mrs. Robinson when she ask her pointed questions concerning a proposed fee increase?IS IT TRUE Mrs. Robinson put Ms. Jenny Collins in her place when she ask her what her annual salary was?  …after a few moments Collins answered Mrs. Robinsons question that she receives $87,000 plus salary per year?  …we wonder what Ms. Collins educational and professional qualifications are that she merits a whooping salary of $87,000 a year working for the Evansville Water and Sewer Department?IS IT TRUE Jenny Collins was City Controller in the Winezapfel Administration who didn’t balance the city books for 2 years? …we are told when she worked as City Controller she made around $60,000 a year?  …when she went over to the Evansville Water and Sewer she got about a $27,000 raise over night? looks like the new slogan at the Civic Center is “when you mess up you move up”?IS IT TRUE we also learn that members of the Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities Board receives around $6,000 a year for serving on this board appointed by the Mayor?  …could this be part of why our water and sewer rates are so high?IS IT TRUE we are hearing that some teachers are required to sign a non disclosure form pledging not to make any comments about the ISTEP program?  …were told if they disclose the terms of the ISTEP testing program they could lose their teaching license?IS IT TRUE we wonder what public office does State Representative Tom Washburn want? …does he want to be re-elected to the House of Representative or be appointed as the next Indiana Supreme Court Justice?IS IT TRUE  predict that  State Representative Tom Washburn is in the primary battle of his short political career?  …we hear that he better not take for granted the political skills of his able opponent, Anne Ennis?IS IT TRUE  last night Evansville City Council voted 9-0 to approve the $17 million dollars North Main Street “Bike Trail”  project in the seedy part of town? …last week DMD Director Kelly Coures predicted that Evansville City Council members would support this project by a 9-0 margin? …it looks like the mode of operation for our new City Council is to cut political deals behind close doors?…all we have to say is so much for transparency in local City government?FOOTNOTE: Our next “IS IT TRUE” will be posted on this coming Friday?If you would like to advertise in the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected] “Readers Poll” question is:  Do you feel that Council was correct in voting to spend $17 million dollars to renovate North Main area?Copyright 2015 City County Observer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributedFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

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