Winter Must Be Enjoyed In-Person

first_imgLINK TO IN-PERSON VIDEO  They don’t call it Mid-Week Madness for nothing.  To get the scoop on the latest deals and to begin planning your trip, start here. Advertisement A safe and responsible winter season.  There will be snow, and lots of it. Guaranteed.  Reserve your trip here. Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement More details on Mid-Week Madness can be found here.  It’s no surprise that this winter requires a bit more planning than usual. But thanks to Ullr, we have the internet that makes this a breeze. To guarantee access to the slopes and the best possible lift and lodging deals, Snowshoe recommends to plan ahead and do all the booking ahead of time.   If you’ve never been to Snowshoe’s mountaintop village, you owe it to yourself to plan a trip this winter – it’s the perfect antidote to all the virtual everythings we’ve been shifting to. And if you have, you’ll remember the cobblestone street village, the night skiing, the shopping, restaurants, and, of course, the Spa. Schüssbombing down the mountain not your style? Well, we’re big fans of their winter adventure tours that allow you to tour the mountain and surrounding areas by RzR (snow-ready off-road buggies) horse-drawn sleigh, and snowmobiles – to each their own chariot.   Become an expert-level, black-diamond planner.  Locals have known for a long time that Snowshoe’s unique location on top of Cheat Mountain is attracting more storms than one might think. They call it Cheat Mountain Magic. And this year, with La Niña dominating the storm patterns, things are looking extra deep for this season. Should Mother Nature ever go on strike for a week or two, Snowshoe’s recently upgraded array of high-tech snow guns will make good on their  unique Snow Guarantee. More details can be found here. Snowshoe has been working hard to put policies in place to make sure this season will be both fun AND safe for everyone. Following state, federal, and industry guidelines, Snowshoe’s COVID-19 plan involves daily employee health screenings, physical distancing protocols, and increased sanitation and disinfecting efforts. More details can  be found here. Winter Must Be Enjoyed In-Person.  We’ll let you in on a little secret, if you promise not to tell everyone. If you fancy having the slopes to mostly yourself, skiing right up to the lift, and saving loads of your hard earned-Benjamins (for new gear, of course), you would definitely enjoy a mid-week trip to Snowshoe. Some call it Work-From-Mountain, others call it Remote Learning, or the perfect excuse to put some of those PTO days to max use. However you carve it, this year might just be the best year to explore those mid-week perks.  last_img

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