Agrarian Forum’s Conclusions Submitted for Peace Talks in Colombia

first_img The conclusions of an open agrarian forum, which aims at contributing to peace negotiations between the Colombian government and the communist FARC guerrillas, were submitted to both parties on January 9. The talks will resume in Cuba on Monday the 14th, the organizers informed. In the South American country, emissaries representing the United Nations (UN) and the National University of Colombia, which sponsored the forum, delivered the results to the government in Bogotá and to the FARC in Havana. The forum took place from December 17 to 19, as a result of a request made by both parties, which started negotiations in the Cuban capital on November 19, 2012, with an agreed agenda comprising of five points; the first being the agrarian problem in the country. Over 1,300 representatives of peasant organizations, trade unions, entrepreneurs, African descendants, indigenous people, women, victims of the Colombian armed conflict, institutions that favor a peace agreement, plus other sectors, attended the forum in Bogotá, said the submitted statement. A total of 546 proposals emerged in the forum, the statement specified. The UN and the National University highlighted the “extensive, pluralistic and diverse participation of Colombian society, which allowed the different regional visions and experiences to be expressed and conveyed in the proposals.” President Juan Manuel Santos has set November 2013 as the deadline to conclude the negotiations that, in his opinion, must put an end to the armed conflict with the FARC, with about 8,000 combatants, according to the latest disclosed figures by the Ministry of Defense. By Dialogo January 11, 2013last_img

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