Mexico Prepares Program to Organize Immigration on Southern Border

first_imgBy Dialogo July 19, 2013 Mexico is preparing a program aimed at organizing the migratory influx along its southern border, which will involve a joint effort with the governments of Guatemala and Belize, and the implementation of which the Mexican Secretary of the Navy will be responsible for, according to Secretary of Government (Interior) Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong on July 15. The project is a “comprehensive plan covering the southern border that will be under the Secretary of the Navy” to assist this southern area of the country, “which has been neglected in the last four years,” Osorio Chong told the press during a visit with members of the security cabinet to Chiapas (southeast), located on the border with Guatemala. “We don’t know how many (migrants) from Central and South America, as well as other continents, enter our country. We are not aware of their destination or their fate, so we cannot guarantee their human rights,” the secretary stated when explaining the project. Members of the security cabinet traveled to Chiapas for a tour to gain knowledge on the problems that exist in the 1,000 km border area shared with Belize. The program will be aimed at regulating the migratory influx as “part of our national security policy,” said Osorio Chong, and added that for this plan to be successful, joint work with the governments of the neighboring countries would be essential. Every year over 200,000 foreigners enter Mexico illegally, most of them through the southern border, according to government estimates. Once migrants cross the border illegally, they take a freight train known as “La Bestia” (The Beast), and are left not only out in the open, but also at the mercy of attacks by criminals and authorities. Recently, activists have reported cases of migrants that have been thrown from moving trains for not being able to pay the “fees” demanded by criminal groups. Many of them are killed or mutilated by the train’s wheels.last_img

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