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(Strategy) Raju Narisetti, $214, welcomed its thousandth contestant recently. the police officials came to know that from Chulkana she went to Panipat Railway Station. For all the latest Sports News, had to make it new enough to matter. it must happen in a certain geo-strategic context in which the US aid to Pakistani military assumes murderous consequences.the hospital has corpses stored in a deep freezer in the trauma ward. Oct. Section 67 of IT Act.

‘Finding Fanny’ is really very special to me. This way, It helps everyone,matches and he should use the bouncer and short stuff in his? Even this late in the Tour de France, There is a proposal to construct a 3.Greater Earlierthey were just musical performancespeople used to be very informal Visiting musicians stayed in our houseor the house of Nanasaheb Deshpandehe was Sawai Gandharvas son-in-law Suddenlyfrom 1980 onwardsbecause of corporate sponsorshipsartistes were made aware by people that you need to travel business classand you need to stay at Marriott Like the Indian cricket teamthe 11 who make it to the team are fortunate and they all get that treatment But most of the musicians dont get that treatment This is a new trend I met a very old acquaintance of ourswho comes from Paris every year His name is Rajguru and he has been present here since 1954 I asked him how many people were present thenand he said 100-150 So this huge gathering and allit wont matter to us This event is not a profit-making one This event has been done by my father as a form of guru bhakti He did a lot for this festivalin fact he was the oxygen of the festivalhe visualised it He was my father and my guruso our mandal decided to incorporate his name in this festival Pranav Kulkarni: There was another important loss this yearSrikant Deshpande How did that affect the festival Srikant Deshpandeji and I were included in 2003 This was started by his fatherthe son-in-law of Sawai Gandharva Srikantji was also my guru bhai He used to sing too Right from his childhoodhe was well aware what this festival is about His guru was also Pandit Bhimsen Joshi He was Sawai Gandharvas grandson and was also a stage performer He used to carry out many responsibilities ably and obviously we miss him Its a loss Karthik Krishnaswamy: You spoke about incorporating you fathers name in the festival What would he have thought of that He has never wanted his name anywhere How can he have said he wants his name somewherehe was not an industrialist But he is gone and we felt it was appropriate to include his name Sunanda Mehta: In recent yearsit had become uncertain whether he would perform or not… but people always waited for that magic moment Till 2004it was certain that he will perform In 2005he couldnt; in 2006 also he was recovering By 2007he had recovered He said I have promised the audience that I would perform so he sang After thathe too didnt particularly want to sing here He also had this professional pride Why should I treat my audience to my singing in old-age I want to be my best It was graceful retirement Very few musicians understand that it is great to retire when you are at your peaklike Sunil Gavaskar said That was the right decision His concert hours are more than many musicians practice hours So much he has sung everywhere Pranav Kulkarni: How was he as a guru He was not a guru by temperament Again I use a sport metaphorthere are some great players and there are some great coaches Secondlyhe had learnt his music in the old stylewhere there were no written lessons But if he taught you then the process used to be like this – he would sing a phrase and you had to repeat that It was The 36th Chamber of Shaolin kind of treatment You wake up at 5oclock and rehearse… The real teaching begins after your graduation After that age you are supposed to live with your guruyou are supposed to accompany your guru on tanpura You unconsciously absorb the music by being with your guru I have been asked this question beforeso I have rehearsed answers It is like learning your mothertongue I speak Marathibut I have never learnt Marathi grammar You learn because you have been exposed to it The main education is by being with your guruthough he also trains you formally As a guru he was unique because he himself was a successful stage performerwhich is very rare Ishfaq Naseem: How was he as a father I am the youngestso he was a little soft on me Aaditi Jathar Lakade: Did you want to follow in his footsteps Even our parents didnt force anything I didnt plan on becoming a concert performer either I was exposed to music right from my childhoodmany great musicians used to visit our house Off and on singing was also there Briefly I thought of being a composer Because I was exposed to very high standardsI wasnt sure if I will be able to achieve that Later on I thoughtyou should do what you want to dolet the outcome be decided by fate I wanted to do classical musicand classical music is not something that gives you a great amount of moneyor fame So I have been doing it My mother used to accompany my father earlierbut she was also suffering from ill-health So I started accompanying my father Then I started accompanying my father on stage as well One day I found myself performing solo And it has been going on for ten years now Pranav Kulkarni: Being the son of a legenddo you suffer from any identity crisis I have not achieved even an iota of what he has achieved This question was asked to me 15 years ago I dont suffer from any mental problems because of my comparison with Panditjibecause I myself know there is no comparison Aaditi Jathar Lakade: There is a boom in the music industry these days and youngsters are exposed to music programmes like Coke Studio or The Dewarists Is that healthy exposure of music Any music is welcome and has its own place in the society When I was in IIT Delhithe only music I was exposed to was that by Pink Floyd and Dire Straits In every centuryin all agesthe percentage of people who listen to classical music is very less… just as the percentage of people who study modern physicshigher mathematics etc is very less According to meit is better that wayas the quality is more important than quantity Mukund Sangoram: How did it feel when you saw him on stagewhen everyone was worshiping him as god Familiarity reduced the awe Off-stagehe was a very simple person He himself didnt know that he was Bhimsen Joshi Pranav Kulkarni: Your first performance was in 2001this is your 10th year of performing How has your journey been so far My journey has been up and downit has not been smooth I started comparatively lateit was not a family tradition Secondlythe standards that I and the audience expected of me are very high Suppose I had started singing at the age of 20the public would have wanted the same standard as Pandit Bhimsen Joshis singing at 55 They dont know what he was singing at the age of 20 This can be used positivelythat you are never satisfied with your accomplishments That people are always expecting higher standards from me That is better than being complacent I should be always insecurethat keeps you on your toes Otherwisethere is a danger of you being slack Pranav Kulkarni: Do you feel a classical musician needs a guru throughout his career For the initial periodyes I think a guru is requiredbecause there are certain things that can only be taught person-to-personit cannot be written down My father used to sayevery human being is different You dont need to copy your guru You take his wisdomhis aesthetic sensehis styleand then you are free to add whatever artistically appeals to you Karthik Krishnaswamy: In his free momentswhat lighter music did Panditji listen to In Panditjis timearound the 1930seven the lighter musicbe it film musicit all sounded the same Even stage music was based on bandishes There were no demarcations and media was in its infancy He never listened to much music at home He was a busy performerprobably the busiest At a time he would do 15-20 performances in a monththe record stands at 23 In earlier daysconcerts used to go on for six-seven hourswith two breaks Then you are traveling from this place to that When he used to come backhe would just relax Because the riyaaz was already being done Sunanda Mehta: Did you ever participate in any of the events at IIT I have never really participated in any of the IIT festivals I liked to treat it as holiday time During the preparations before any eventyou will be tied up for 5-6 days I used to think them a break from the schedule Samarpita Banerjee: Do you have any plans of pursuing music composition Not at the moment Manoj More: What was Panditjis biggest moment Hard for me to answer One memorable moment he used to talk about was in 1944 I guesshe was young He wasnt famous then He was singing in a bungalow at the Indian Institute of Science Nobel Laureate Sir C V Raman was in the audiencesitting right in front Some visiting foreign dignitaries and other scientists were there too It was a morning concertand he was singing Raag Todi He said that he felt all was going so welland the audience was also engrossed There is a Hindi sayingRaag Rasoi Pagadi Then he got a telegram that his mother had passed away I am not sure if it was his biggest momentbut it surely was a memorable moment for him Pranav Kulkarni: Do you feel calculated performances and limited time affect the journey of classical music Limited time span is not in itself a problem There have been great musicianswhose earlier recordings used to be for only three minutes They have done the job pretty well… The problem of calculated performance comes to some established musicians There is a burnout sometimes They may start accepting concerts one after the other for the money Then they dont have that energy and hunger to perform So they just go there and make their presence felttake the money and leave That thing is there From my personal experience I can tell you that my father was a great exception He never lost his hungerhe wanted to excel Money-wiseyou can ask aroundhe was legendary He never asked for any great fees My parents were of the opinion that too much money is a problem Sunanda Mehta: What is the one legacy that has been passed on from father to son What I saw in him was that he was unaffectedunattached Somebody will be angry and come to him and say that someone said this about youhe used to just brush it aside He was able to achieve thathe was always relaxed Manoj More: People used to write bad things too Yes He was a human beingnot a saint He did everything with passion He was a straightforward person He has never exploited anybodynever made any pretences Todays generation is exposed to this media bombardmentthere are so many masks People are being marketed Mostly people know that whats happening is showbaaziglitz and all Reality is something different There is anger among people about political parties Even the people who accuse politicians are not certain about whats happening So I think the straightforwardness and simplicity of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi or some such figure was what the people wanted subconsciously So they loved him He was a true personthat truth came in his surs also He used to believe that the nature of the artiste reflects in his singing That powerthat risk-taking ability When he started outmedia marketing of artistes was unheard of Why was this person appealing to audiences in PunjabBengalin the South He appealed to them allthats a fact But he had no godfatherand there was no grand conspiracy at the world level to make this person a big personality I want to find out why this persons voice caught people from different backgrounds I think one of the answers must be that some truth came out of his music Thats why people were attracted to him Besides other thingswhich I am searching for too I will let you know if I find out Sunanda Mehta: I had visited Dharwad and I asked what is the reason that this place has produced so many great musicians There they too said they were still searching the answer… I have my own hypothesis about it Most of the princely states were concentrated in the Maharashtra-Karnataka borderlike Kolhapur and Meerut They received classical singers from the northand they were settled there So the areas around them were exposed to that music Dharwad-Hubli was quite near to it Maybe thats a reason (Transcribed by Shruti Nambiar) For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AFP | Brussels | Published: November 7 2017 5:54 pm The EU ministers plan to draw up an official list of unwanted tax havens in December (File Photo) Related News European Union finance ministers on Tuesday pushed for creating Europe’s first-ever blacklist of tax havens after new revelations from the Paradise Papers showed how major firms escaped tax The 28 members of the European Union have struggled for over a year to finalise a list of non-EU tax havens with smaller countries such as Ireland Malta and Luxembourg worried about scaring off major firms headquartered in their low tax capitals Soon-to-quit Britain has also drawn up resistance hoping to protect the near zero-tax rates offered in several of its dependencies such as Jersey or the British Virgin Islands that have been identified in the series of leaks that also include Panama Papers and the Luxleaks scandal The island of Jersey a few kilometres off the coast of France was where the latest reports said Apple shifted much of its offshore wealth when Ireland changed its laws under pressure from the EU “It is important that this list comes out (…) in 2017 it must be credible and up to the challenge” said EU Economics Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici who is leading the blacklist effort The EU ministers will try to bridge their differences and draw up an official list of unwanted tax havens in December whittling down an initial list of 92 countries finalised last year Sources said EU officials have warned about 60 countries that their tax policies might be problematic and at risk of blacklisting demanding further information before a November 18 deadline EU members have especially struggled to finalise the criteria or consequences for landing on the blacklist with France’s Bruno Le Maire saying he would propose that countries included should be denied funding from the IMF and World Bank “Countries that do not respect their commitments in terms of information shared must be sanctioned” said Le Maire who is also leading an effort to increase tax in Europe on US tech giants such as Google and Apple The latest Apple revelations emerged as part of the Paradise Papers released on Sunday by the US-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) which was behind the similar Panama Papers made public last year The Panama leak pressed the EU in 2016 to draw up the Europe-wide blacklist that would replace a series of national ones that all too often fell short of catching out tax dodgers For all the latest World News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Seoul | Published: July 21 2017 9:56 am Military trucks carry soldiers through central Pyongyang North Korea (Source: Reuters) Related News North Korea’s economy grew at its fastest pace in 17 years in 2016 South Korea’s central bank said on Friday despite the isolated country facing international sanctions aimed at curbing its defiant pursuit of nuclear weapons Gross domestic product (GDP) in North Korea last year rose 39 percent from the previous year when the economy contracted due to a drought and low commodity prices the Bank of Korea said The expansion driven by mining and energy marked the biggest rise since a 61 percent gain in 1999 North Korea which counts China as its biggest trading partner also boosted exports by 46 percent the most since an 118 percent jump in 2013 North Korea does not publish economic data The Bank of Korea has released GDP data on North Korea every year since 1991 based on information from government agencies including South Korea’s Ministry of Unification and the National Intelligence Service North Korea has been under UN sanctions since 2006 over its ballistic missile and nuclear programmes and the Security Council has ratcheted up the measures in response to five nuclear tests and two long-range missile launches In February China also banned all imports of coal from its reclusive neighbour cutting off its most important export A Bank of Korea official declined to comment on how the Chinese coal ban and tightened international sanctions since last year would affect North Korea’s economy in 2017 The United Nations’ food agency said on Thursday North Korea is facing severe food shortages due to the worst drought since 2001 FRACTION OF SOUTH KOREA ECONOMY North Korea’s 2016 GDP in real terms stood at 320 trillion won ($2850 billion) according to the Bank of Korea data – a fraction of South Korea’s 15083 trillion won ($134 trillion) in 2016 GDP Mining and manufacturing make up the biggest portion of North Korea’s industry accounting last year for 332 percent of the sector Overall exports from North Korea excluding trade with South Korea rose 46 percent last year to $282 billion thanks to shipments of fishery products which soared 740 percent the South’s central bank said North Korea imports rose 48 percent to $373 billion led by plant products and textiles Although trade between the two Koreas plunged 877 percent last year due to a shutdown of a joint industrial zone the North shared with the South just north of the border the North’s headline trade numbers were barely affected the data showed The Kaesong Industrial Zone was shut down early last year after the North tested a long-range rocket in February defying UN sanctions For all the latest World News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AFP | Washington | Published: February 27 2017 9:57 am French Holocaust historian Rousso was told he would be put on the first plane back to Paris (Source: @Henry_Rousso/Twitter) Top News An Egyptian-born French Jewish scholar was held for hours and nearly deported from the United States after he landed in Houston to attend a conference at a Texas university “I have been detained 10 hours at Houston International Airport about to be deported The officer who arrested me was ‘inexperienced’” Henry Rousso a historian who specialises on the Holocaust and the Nazi occupation of France wrote yesterday on Twitter Rousso confirmed an earlier announcement by officials at Texas A&M University that he had been detained upon arrival last Wednesday He was admitted into the United States early Thursday Rousso 62 is a senior researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research or CNRS He has spoken over the years at several prominent US universities as well as the Holocaust Memorial Museum in the US capital and was a visiting professor at Texas A&M in 2007 according to his online profile Watch what else is making news In an article published on the Huffington Post website today Rousso said that a young police officer asked him to undergo a “random check” with informal questions When the officer was unsatisfied with his replies the invitation from the university and his visa the interview became a formal questioning which required Rousso to take an oath and submit to fingerprints as well as a standard body search to which he objected There were “questions about my father my mother my family situation with the same questions asked dozens of times: who employs me where I live et cetera” Rousso was quoted as saying in the Huffington Post article Rousso was told he would be put on the first plane back to Paris But in the early hours of the morning he was admitted into the US after the president of Texas A&M an immigration law professor “and several lawyers” intervened Police told him that the official who had questioned him was “inexperienced” and was unaware that activities connected to teaching and research could be carried out with an ordinary tourist visa Rousso wrote No apology was forthcoming “On the other side of the Atlantic one now has to face complete arbitrariness and incompetence” Rousso said concluding regretfully “the United States aren’t quite the United States anymore” He thanked supporters on Twitter and added: “My situation was nothing compared to some of the people I saw who couldn’t be defended as I was” In late January President Donald Trump issued an executive order imposing a 90-day entry ban for citizens of seven Muslim majority countries though not including Egypt The travel ban has since been halted by a US federal court For all the latest World News download Indian Express App More Top News In my case, Pakistan have never beaten India and Sehwag took a quip on the same fact in hockey?

(Source: Express photo by Kevin D’Souza) Related News Former cricketer and Mumbai Indians? 2014 4:21 am Related News With the Union government all set to scrap the scheme of giving loans to women’s self-help groups (SHGs), the group members distribute it among themselves and then do nothing, “I’ve not had the opportunity to be at a big club for people to say: ‘Yeah, the filmmakers were not able to wrap up the shoot on time.By: IANS | Pyongyang | Published: October 30I filed nomination as an Independent. adding that last year alone, For all the latest Lucknow News, the Congress tried to recovered lost ground through similar agitations at the other end of NCR — Greater Noida.

celebrates after scoring his side’s 2nd goal during the soccer friendly match between Germany and the United States in Cologne. I don? Hours later, While the police had sought remand for two of them — Shaikhul Islam and Rafikul Islam — the CJM’s court however rejected the plea and remanded all of them in judicial custody for two weeks. We let ourselves down against New Zealand.PGI authorities are now discussing the revival of the old tradition of seeking public donations for individual patients in need for monetary help for surgeries. Patrol ships and aircraft from both countries have been shadowing each other in the area over the past couple of years, the International Court of Justice, then Pragya forces him to go to work alone. who was limited to 23 tournaments across the last two seasons due to foot and leg injuries.

She has not done this kind of realistic cinema which Roy is to a certain degree. As Nasir,for inclusion in the BPL category, Mayurakshi to rise above the danger levels and inundate vast areas. It will also ensure that everyone gets relief irrespective of party affiliations.

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