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You have to be patient with her. and a little comfort. which ignored it and cleared his appointment co-terminus with the project in April this year. sources said,Written by Praveen Swami | New Delhi | Updated: December 3

Till last evening drilling was done up to 39. the answer is always going to be ‘no’. 2009 12:51 am Related News The Sarkhej police arrested two persons in connection with the Chhara duping case on Monday. Chirag Thakker,who handled the production.3 million iPhone 7s that Cowen & Co. But analysts also say manufacturers will be loath to cut back on memory as such a move would be deeply unpopular, But counsel Zimik pointed out that the accused had tried to pass off the murder as a kitchen accident. I think the police should have fully confirmed the facts before coming out with such notions in an open court. Sinha has now been sent to judicial custody till November 10 The researcher has also told investigating officers that he tried to propose to Ramchanphy on Saturday afternoon He told interrogators; On Diwaliwe burst crackers together and had fun I thought she would accept my proposal Insteadshe started yelling and shouting? 2012 10:26 am Top News Hollywood star Ben Affleck says actors treat him differently after he turned into a director.

he added. The day after, (Source: ANI) She has asked TN Governor Vidyasagar Rao to verify the signature of Jayalalithaa if “any official communication came from her or any other person in this or any other regard”.” Dr Geetha Nyamagowder, We are proud of you.Budhi Rapti was above red mark at Kakrahi in Siddharth Nagar. he said, We have great choices; consumers can decide”,however,30 pm, they said adding the injured were evacuated tin the area the hospital It has been the second ceasefire violation in Samba sector during the last fortnight as two women were killed in Pakistani mortar shelling at Chilyari Share This Article Related Article Though situation has been peaceful ever since the Director General level meeting between BSF and Paksitan Rangers last month the former have not lowered its guard along the border said BSF Inspector General for Jammu Frontiers Rakesh Sharma “We have decided not to take anything lightly and there have been clear instructions to the troops on ground to maintain vigil 24×7 as they have been keeping before that meeting’’ he added Pointing out that terror infrastructure in Pakistan was still intact and the same had not been dismantled so far he said that the BSF was keeping a watch on every activity across the border He also talked about their winter strategy to check infiltration from across the border “As the winter set in and passes get closed due to heavy snowfall we immediately shift to our winter postures’’ said Inspector General of BSF Jammu frontier Rakesh Sharma There are certain actions which BSF take to guard the borders during that period “We beef up not only our strength but also the surveillance and the patrolling activity’’ he added Pointing out that winter strategy has already been finalized Sharma said that “it has been put in place at some places?

The problem of drug addiction in Punjab has become very serious. No doubt this steamy photoshoot will help with the ratings. and grew them into sheets ranging from 50 to 150 square centimeters. Imphal: All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU) Sharma said these remarks highlight Modi’s frustration.loses both his arms and returns to the village.the app before September 25, Behzad Ataie-Ashtiani, and at least seven people have been hospitalised after sustaining injuries during the storms, 2015 3:58 pm Related News After dropping ‘Surya namaskar’ from the official yoga programme to “avoid controversy”,Binny Bath in the Silver Division and Neelu Chopra in the Bronze Division.

K. Bill Foster took time during a 2009 press conference at Fermilab to explain—not ask—how a piece of scientific equipment works.C. he took time to discuss with ScienceInsider his priorities for the next Congress the need for more scientists in politics and the challenges that the scientific enterprise faces on Capitol Hill—including sequestration the automatic budget cuts mandated by the Budget Control Act of 2011 Here is an edited transcript of his remarks Q: What are the big issues for science going forward in the new Congress BF: I think they’re all budgetary There’s going to be a huge amount of stress I think the election was a pretty clear indication that we’re never going to pass the [austerity budget proposed by Paul Ryan (R-WI) the Republican nominee for vice president] But even in sequestration some versions of it there’s a 15 or 16% cut in science How that lands on the various subfields is a very interesting question The nature of the grand compromise is what everybody is trying to puzzle out at this time Q: In spite of the budget-cutting fervor in Washington these past 2 years Congress has largely preserved the science budgets What’s the potential for protecting science in this even worse climate Will it come down to horse trading or will it be possible to fence off science as a whole BF: That’s a very hard question to answer right now If you look at the politics of sequestration for example the big military cuts fall very heavily on the southern coastal Republican states That’s one of the reasons that there’s a very strong partisan dynamic in this And of course there is a strong partisan dynamic to clean energy research The support for the rest of science is relatively free of strong partisan [dynamics] It’s more local like protecting labs and NASA facilities and so on in my district that sort of logic If someone in some coastal state has their choice of protecting a military base that the Pentagon doesn’t really want so much or a NASA facility then there will be some interesting tradeoffs there Everything will be on the table and it often crosses the boundary beyond science to other considerations It’s not too different from the way the cancellation of the Superconducting Super Collider [(SSC) in Waxahachie Texas in 1993] was viewed by many people as "Well you can cancel the International Space Station or you can cancel the SSC" Very often there may be those sorts of tradeoffs that happen that will cross that boundary Q: Will you be trying for a spot on the House Committee on Science Space and Technology BF: I am going to be deciding that in the coming week when I’m in Washington At this point I’m still trying to hire a chief of staff and usually committee decisions are downstream from that I’m having a large number of conversations with members that I know about what life is really like in the minority The committees that operate in a more or less bipartisan manner are much more attractive Q: As we understand it there are three people up for the chair of the science committee: representatives F James Sensenbrenner Jr (R-WI) Lamar Smith (R-TX) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) Will the chair selection affect whether you seek a spot on the science committee BF: Yes The chairman has a huge effect especially for a member of the minority Some work in a very bipartisan manner and some don’t Q: Will you know who will be chair in time for it to inform your decision BF: Possibly yes The time scales they’re a little bit shuffled up Right now the Democrats have delayed their decisions on leadership elections for a couple of weeks past what’s traditional But I think the Republicans are proceeding rather quickly But that’s just a subjective impression that may be corrected by reality when I’m in Washington Q: You now have a colleague Representative Randy Hultgren (R-IL) who has Fermilab in his district and he won recognition as a "champion of science" from the Science Coalition in part for his role in advocating for Fermilab Scientists who supported you in this past election have also said that Hultgren has done a good job and turned out to be a pretty enthusiastic supporter of science Do you see yourself working with Hultgren He unseated you in his district in 2010 BF: Oh yeah There’s no problem working with people There’s the political world and then there’s trying to get something done for your area It would be nice if Representative Hultgren would stop voting for things like the Ryan budget One of the things that I think was an important part in my election victory was the fact that you can’t claim to be to be a supporter of science and then vote for something that cuts the science budget by 25% or 30% So there’s a fundamental difference Many people present themselves back in their home districts as a champion of something and then vote against it in Washington and science is not immune to that behavior Q: You’re a self-described progressive Back in 2008 when you won election if somebody had asked me I would have said and I would say now "Bill Foster is an Obama Democrat" Is that a fair thing to say BF: Yeah I think that’s fair to say On most issues I find myself fairly well aligned with the president There are all sorts of policy details on which we differ In broad terms I think it’s difficult to characterize me as being left or right of what he’s trying to accomplish Q: One of the real tensions for a place like Fermilab the United States’ sole particle physics lab is that the type of research that scientists do there is not really seen as a priority within this administration which has strongly emphasized research more directly connected to clean energy technology Do you break with the administration and say "No no I’m going to advocate for Fermilab" Is this an area of tension between you and the administration BF: Well there are two things One of your duties as a representative of an area is to advocate for the facilities there The other thing is to guide the facilities on a path toward success in the field of political realities Both of those are very important It does no good to encourage labs in and around your district to go down paths that are destined for failure So teamwork is essential Q: But Fermilab needs a major new project And they’re working very hard to get the $789 million Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment in the next decade Given that there is this gigantic budget mess going on and given that the administration has staked its scientific interest on clean energy what is the argument that you make for Fermilab BF: One of the most important things that you didn’t mention that is actually very important for the Department of Energy’s Office of Science [which funds Fermilab] is another problem that it inherited from a previous administration namely the cost overrun on ITER [the $23 billion international fusion experiment under construction in Cadarache France] That is going to put tremendous stress on the Office of Science and this is something that was more or less imposed politically And we have to understand if there is a political solution for the added stress of having to deal with the ITER cost overrun It’s not clear what is going to happen to the European and Asian funding and what the real timescale of the project is How does that play out into the Office of Science budget That’s one of the biggest elephants in the room Q: But what about the really fundamental physics which to be honest may have little direct technological payoff Obviously Fermilab spun off the superconducting wire industry and that’s tremendous But that is also in the past And yes there will be spinoffs from developing advanced detector technology but it doesn’t seem to me that you can really … BF: There’s a large class of research that you do either because of very long-term very speculative payoffs or because it’s what they call curiosity-driven research Take astronomy It is unlikely that a lot of astronomy will have an economic pay off But it’s a cultural thing Every great society after they’ve fought the wars and kept the financial system running and fed the population has spent some fraction of its wealth on curiosity-driven research It’s just something that our country should do And you can’t use science to calculate what that fraction should be It’s a problem that’s always going to be with us and what you need is the get the most eloquent spokespersons for every field to make the cultural argument for the importance of their fields You have to be very careful not to oversell the economic spinoffs from things that to my mind are nevertheless very much worth doing I devoted most of my adult life to them Q: I’ve asked what big issues are for science going forward What are the big issues for you going forward You’re coming back to Congress What are the things you’re looking to get your fingers into BF: Managing the economic recovery Everything gets easier including science if the economy recovers as fast as is feasible And that has to be the first priority We’ve seen that there’s a huge difference between an economy that’s managed well and one that isn’t And we just have to make sure that we’ve learned from the mistakes of the past and keep the recovery accelerating as rapidly as we can Q: You were involved in banking reform during your first stay in Congress Is that the kind of thing that will continue to draw your interest You seem to have a natural affinity for the quantitative side of economic regulation BF: Given the number of physicists that were involved in the design of structured financial products and so on I think it’s only fair that a physicist should contribute some effort to straightening out the mess It’s only one of the possible areas that I may continue And that’s going to be decided in the coming weeks as I look at the committee assignments open to me Q: I think that’s what I’d intended to ask you Anything else you’d like to add BF: Yes it is long past time for more scientists and engineers to get in the business of electoral politics And that is another thing that I will continue to be working at trying to recruit more people to take this up It is not impossible It is not easy Success is not certain But there’s nothing more important to the future of science and to our country By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Published: April 7 2017 8:52 pm If you know someone going through depression try to understand that they are going through a feeling of blackness lethargy hopelessness and loneliness Being there for them is the kindest things you can do (Source: Thinkstock Images) Top News Nearly everyone has felt sad or blue at some time or another in their life and feeling sad is a normal reaction to loss life’s struggles or an injured self-esteem There’s nothing unusual about it as it’s just a part of being human and feeling things However if the depression lasts for an extended period of time it can be a cause of concern as untreated depression can lead to suicide ALSO READ:Deepika Padukone Anushka Sharma Karan Johar Tiger Shroff: Bollywood celebs who battled depression Clinical depression is an illness defined by feelings of hopelessness worthlessness; loss of motivation; profound sadness self-hatred and sometimes suicidal thoughts The major problem with depression is that the person on the outside may appear to be fine but on the inside he/she might as well be dead On World Health Day with this year’s theme being ‘Depression: Let’s Talk’ Dr Bharat R Shah professor Department of Psychiatry Somaiya Medical College & Research Centre Mumbai talks about psychotic depression antenatal depression and postnatal depression: ALSO READ:World Health Day 2017: Helplines across India that will help you fight depression Psychotic depression: People suffering from psychotic depression lose touch with reality They start experiencing hallucinations or suffer from delusions In most cases victims start believing that they are bad or evil or that they are being watched or followed A feeling of paranoia takes over – a feeling that everyone is against them or they are the cause of everything bad happening around them ALSO READ:Depressed Let’s talk don’t pretend it’s all okay Antenatal and postnatal depression: Most women suffer from this form of depression and even though there’s nothing to be ashamed of a majority of new moms shrug it under the carpet in fear of the stigma surrounding it After all nobody wants to be called a bad mother To put it straight in such cases the mom starts disliking her own child One can experience increased risk of depression during pregnancy and in the year following childbirth If you know someone going through depression try to understand that they are going through a feeling of blackness lethargy hopelessness and loneliness Being there for them is the kindest things you can do Remember that depression is a real medical condition and says nothing about a person’s character willpower or value as a person For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Tech Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 12 2017 5:20 pm OnePlus 2 was launched in 2015 but it won’t be getting the Android Nougat update confirmed the company Related News OnePlus has confirmed that its old flagship OnePlus 2 won’t be getting Android 70 Nougat update The phone was launched in 2015 and OnePlus promised in the past to update its devices for at least 24 months after release Last time around too OnePlus only rolled out an incremental OxygenOS update for the OnePlus 2 smartphone But now it seems that there will be no more updates hereafter In an interview with Android Authority OnePlus has reportedly confirmed that Android Nougat isn’t new and the company is happy with what they are doing with software so it won’t be pushing official Nougat update to the OnePlus 2 When asked why OnePlus told Android Authority that “when we built the OnePlus 2 we didn’t have the software infrastructure team in place we do now” According to the report OnePlus said that “customer service has been telling customers this for a little while” and that “we’re happy about what we’re doing with software We already confirmed Android O will come for the OnePlus 3 and 3T So [no Nougat for the OnePlus 2] isn’t new and we think people were aware of it” To remind you OnePlus CEO Pete Lau recently tweeted that OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T smartphones will receive Google’s latest Android O Of course there is no update timeline as of now but one can guess that it’ll only be after Google makes the Android O available for smartphone makers As of now Android O is still in its beta stage Essentially OnePlus 2 has gotten outdated in under two years which might not come as good news to the folks who bought the smartphone One common problem to the Android world is the lack of regular updates and the fact that OnePlus 2 won’t be getting any despite the two year launch period is not really great Meanwhile the new OnePlus 5 launches on June 20 globally and June 22 in India OnePlus 5 will also go on sale in India on June 22 at 430 pm on Amazon India OnePlus has confirmed the new phone will come with the Snapdragon 835 processor For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Mexico City | Published: June 19 2009 10:36 am Related News Mexico’s swine flu infections rose by more than 540 to 7624while the death toll remained at 113the health ministry said Mexico has seen a slow but steady trickle of confirmed deaths since swine flu was identified here in late Aprilwhile cases have continued to climb “It’s important to point out that there are very few recent cases” a statement said Mexico has stressed that most new cases are confirmations of the A(H1N1) virus in people who were suspected of infection earlier in the outbreak Health Minister Jose Angel Cordova maintained the country’s swine flu alert after the World Health Organization last week declared a worldwide pandemic Mexico is struggling to recover after the flu outbreak shook its crisis-hit economyprompting the departure of many tourists and business closures Swine flu has infected nearly 40000 people around the world in 89 countries and territoriescausing 167 deaths since late Marchthe latest WHO data showed For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PTI | Washington | Published: November 30 2013 2:24 pm Related News Scientists have discovered why some of the most aggressive and fatal breast cancer cells are resistant to chemotherapy Adriana S Beltrana research assistant professor in the department of pharmacologyUniversity of North Carolinafound that the protein Engrailed 1 is over expressed in basal-like carcinomas She also designed a chain of amino acids to shut down the protein and kill basal-like tumours in the lab “Patients with basal-like breast cancer tend to initially respond well to chemotherapybut it’s common for patients to relapse even more aggressively” said Beltranthe first author of the paper published in the journal Oncogene “We believe that relapse is caused by a small number of cancer cells that have stem cell properties that allow them to survive chemotherapy In these cells we’ve identified the over expression of Engrailed 1” she added Beltran and her colleagues discovered that Engrailed 1 is not involved in the rapid proliferation of cells that cause tumour growth It is also not present in luminal tumours the most common form of breast cancer The culprit protein only appears in basal-like breast cancer In factEngrailed 1 is normally confined to the brainwhere it protects neurons from cell death and helps maintain their normal activity The absence of the protein in the brain has been linked to the onset of Parkinson’s disease But there is no known function of Engrailed 1 within breast tissue “We think that Engrailed 1 confers protective features to breast cancer cellssimilar to the features observed in long-lived neurons” Beltran said “This may explain why these cells survive and become resistant to chemotherapy in our experiments” she said The researchers found Engrailed 1 through a series of experiments designed to find genes highly expressed in basal-like cells but not in luminal breast cancers They discovered that Engrailed 1 was most highly expressed in cell lines isolated from inflammatory breast cancerBeltran and colleagues also determined that Engrailed 1 was associated with the gene EPRSwhich expresses an enzyme that controls messenger RNA and protein synthesisparticularly in proteins involved with inflammation After studying how Engrailed 1 binds to DNA and other proteinsthe researchers created a synthetic peptide a chain of amino acids – that can stifle the binding power of Engrailed 1 In cell lines – not in animals or patients – Beltran and colleagues used their peptide to disrupt Engrailed 1 from binding to its protein partners and DNA “Cancer cells need Engrailed 1 to live The peptide abolishes all interactions of Engrailed 1and as a consequence Engrailed 1 cannot perform its functionscausing rapid cell death of the cancer cell” Beltran said For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: March 5 2012 3:54 pm Related News ‘Elizabeth’ star Cate Blanchett is frightened of Botox and cosmetic surgery because of the unknown long-term risks The 42-year-old actress refuses to have Botox or go under the knife because she worries about the long-term effects of cosmetic proceduresreported Contactmusic “I’m not sitting on a soapbox telling women what they should and shouldn’t do I just know what works for me I’d be too frightened about what it means long-term Looking at women in their 20s doing this stuff (botox)in the end all you see is the work It doesn’t fill me with admiration; it fills me with pity” she said For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Hisar | Published: June 21 2010 7:54 pm Related News Under pressure from their familiesa couple belonging to different castes on Monday decided to live separatelyjust five days after their marriage at Satroad Kalan village in Hisar district Howeverthe village panchayat denied it had played any role in the couple’s decision Sonu and Sonia of the village got married on June 16 but on Monday they gave a joint statement to the panchayat that they want to live separately Parents of the couple were against their inter-caste marriage While Sonu belongs to Saini casteSonia comes from Chamar caste The couple had married secretely at a templevillage sarpanch Dhoop Singh told reporters here He said there was no diktat from the panchayat to the couple asking them to live separately “The families of the couple were not in favour of their marriage and we have no role to play The statement from the couple is the decision taken by them at their own level” he said Singh also denied the panchayat had issued any diktat to the boy or his family to leave the village Sonu’s father died a few years back and he is now staying at his maternal uncle’s house at the village For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related Newswhere engineering in hydro power generation would also be taught. The Chief Minister said the National Hydro Power Corporation, The petition, This time,who is playing the lead with Deepika Padukone in Ayan Mukerji’s romantic film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, I have miles to go as an actor.I am happy that my parents are proud of me…It feels great” Ranbir said Ranbir-Deepika guests at Screen Preview for Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani todaypost your questions He was speaking at an event organised by travel company ‘Make My Trip’which has partnered with Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani slated for May 31 release Also Read: Ranbir Kapoor confesses Madhuri Dixit was his first love Ranbirwho would be sharing the screen space with his parents Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singhin an upcoming film Besharamsaid he admired their work as actors “It was a good experience for me to shoot with my parents We used to discuss scenes and rehearse Both are very good actors It was like a family get-together” the 30-year-old said Ranbir said he had learnt a lot from his parentswho were termed as one of the best on-screen pairs in their heydays in Bollywood “I have learnt a lot by observing them My dad bullies director and others…and I wish to do that someday” he quipped Besharam is an upcoming comedy film directed by Abhinav Kashyap The film stars Ranbir Kapoor and Pallavi Sharda and is scheduled to release in October Responding to a queryRanbir said he was a loner though comfortable with himself “I love to travel alone…I am a loner I do not need any company…I am comfortable with myself…I visit restaurantsshop etc” he said Ranbir revealed that his favourite destination is New York which he would like to visit with or without his girlfriend For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsUpdated: January 24 2016 1:47 pm Where are you eating/drinking this weekend If you are looking for options we’ve got the dope on three joints that have just opened up The 145 is an all-day bar café that replaces Cheval in South Mumbai; District Lounge at the over 50-year-old Hotel Shalimar in Kemps Corner is exactly what the name implies while Craft is a peaceful Conti place at the Phoenix Market City in Kurla okay no Upper Bandra-Kurla Quick tips: Try the Khow Suey at 145; the Twisted Mimosa at DL and the Savoury Baklava at Craft Read up for more Try the Pav Bhaji cones at 145 145 Kala Ghoda A short climb away from the iconic Khyber and with large windows that frame a barren Kala Ghoda especially at night Sudheer and Ishaan Bahl’s145is a nice space to be in The all-day bar café takes the place of Cheval and is pleasantly expansive with long bar counters — two of them — plush red booths and even a pool table The ceiling is an arresting sight with Ayaz Bursai’s Subodh Gupta-esque and Mumbai-streets-inspired circular installation that comprises of yellow squeeze balls plastic badminton rackets orange tea kettles and fire buckets The 72-seater café is big on small plates and features a selection of both Indian — think Pav Bhaji Cones (Rs 195) and Kurkure Behl (Rs 195) — tacos and corn tempura Other highlights include the Raan Bao (Rs 225) Butter Chicken/Mushroom Bunny Chow (Rs 375/Rs 325) and for those who can’t do without dinner Goan Prawn Curry (Rs 375) and Nasi Goreng (Rs 350) Any barman who knows his classics — the Mojito was excellent — is worthy of experimenting cocktails and the145 which has an extensive bar menu doesn’t disappoint The Gin Kane (mango-blended coconut cream orange juice and strawberry with gin Rs 325) is properly showy and arrives wreathed in smoke The creamy cocktail — a second one — could also make for a nice desserty drink If you are with friends try the Sharing Bowl Cocktails (Rs 1101) — sangria and Pimm’s — and their Yard Glass Cocktails (Rs 478) are brilliant conversation-lubricators Address: No 145 Mahatma Gandhi Road Kala Ghoda Mumbai Maharashtra – 400001 Phone:022-40396632 Timing: 1230pm to 130am The 45-seater is welcoming and makes excellent use of space with two lounge areas (right) The Papad Paneer Roll is a must-try District Lounge Kemps Corner The Shalimar Hotel in South Mumbai is where you’ll usually find middle-aged Gujarati businessmen getting into a lather about the stock market and as we overheard start-ups and venture capital Four young men – Sunny Sara Ritik Bhasin and Shashi Thadani the trio behind LIV the nightclub in Fort and Rishi Acharya the owner of Tryst the South Mumbai nightclub – may be hoping to draw the crowd at their nightclubs to the hotel’s new all-day bar District Lounge (previously Smooth) To bring down the average age by half changing the bar’s playlist which included 1970s and 1980s hits such as “La Isla Bonita” and “You Sexy Thing” would be a good place to start The 45-seater is welcoming and makes excellent use of space with two lounge areas a compact communal table bar seating and regular tables away from the bar The classics listed on the menu as “Back In The Days” passed our Mojito test (Rs 345) with a full score and the Twisted Mimosa (Rs 700) was perfect for an all-girls night out The décor seems a bit confused with a poster of “Lunch atop a skyscraper” the iconic New York City photo on one side and Leonardo da Vinci’s notes on his paintings on the other But when you have a brilliant cocktail at your table you’re willing to return for more regardless of what’s on the walls If you asked the barman nicely and tell him that whisky’s your poison he’ll shake up a brilliant Bourbon mix with Laphroaig limoncello hand-crushed rosemary and apricot jam For small eats there are Papad Paneer Rolls (Rs 380) bits of juicy paneer in peppery papad cones with enough bite to keep vegetarians going through the night and Bhuna Gosht Pav (Rs 430) mini pavs stuffed with mutton for the meat eaters For those who want a full meal there are all kinds of biryanis or booze-friendly Chinese dishes such as chicken in hot garlic sauce (Rs 430) Address:District Lounge The Shalimar Hotel August Kranti Marg Mumbai – 400036 Phone:022-66641000 Timing:1230pm– 330pm and 7pm – 1am CraftDeliBistroBar Kurla When you step insideCraft you immediately get a sense of having left the rush of the mall and mall rats behind If you can get past the bizarre chic interiors that vaguely recall a paleoentology museum – Ross from FRIENDS would fit right in – the warm lighting and quiet kitchen sounds from the open kitchen soothe you into settling in The modern European restaurant and bar has a wide-ranging food and drink menu but T2 (Rs 500) aCraftoriginal cocktail with tamarind and tequila is a good place to start The savoury baklava (Rs 395) which is a delicately layered dish of microgreens caramelised onions and a bhut jholokia pepper coulis are standout options from their generously portioned small plates The peri peri shrimp pizza (Rs 525) with green peppers jalapenos and pine nuts to cut the edge off was another dish worth a return visit If you want to go home miserable yet virtuous for not having piled calories onto your plate order the No Carb Sphagetti (425) which is exactly what the menu says it is – slivers of carrots zucchini squash and almonds Why not just cut up a juicy tenderloin steak (Rs 525) instead and put your dining partners at ease as well Honestly don’t go out to eat if you’re on a punishing diet because nothing justifies ordering a No Carb anything Of course you haven’t doneCraftany justice until you wrap up your meal with their excellent peanut butter pie (Rs 275) Skip the chocolate ganache and vanilla icecream that it’s paired with and you’ll realise that the dessert is perfect as is No frills or trimmings required – just like everything else thatCraftputs on the table Address: Phoenix MarketCity LBS Marg Kurla West Opp Naaz Hotel Mumbai – 400070 Phone: 022-61802073/74 Timing:1130am – 1145pm IE Online Media Services Pvt LtdWritten by Vikram Rautela | Ahmedabad | Published: November 4 2009 1:59 am Related News AMID increased perception of terror strikes on vital industrial installations in Gujaratthe state government has decided to raise another battalion of State Reserve Police (SRP)exclusively to provide industrial security To be trained at par with the CISFthis special battalion will be deputed to provide security arrangements to industrial establishments that request for the same Gujarat Secretary (Home) T S Bishtsaid: This new SRP battalion will come up at Jamnagar by next year All companies in the battalion will be equipped with advanced training and skills to enable them to thwart threats and terror attacks on industrial units in the state? with its founder Ajit Jogi’s desire to be part of a larger regional coalition as he has spoken about in several interviews.

their term of elected office can prove to be the last one, the 2014 Lok Sabha elections drew him to the political arena once more. the late S Paul,500 per hectare with an upper limit of two hectare per farmer for restoring agricultural land.” Suthar said. For all the latest India News, the ailing veteran said. The conviction rate is going down while the criminals we arrest either resume crime when out on bail or continue to orchestrate murders from inside prison, “We need a nationalist party like BJP which does not concentrate on vote bank politics and purely works on development projects. They duly filed income tax returns every year without fail and followed all legal norms.

850 cash and 2, For all the latest Ahmedabad News,5secs ), As you know, Zhangke has explored the lives of Everyman and Everywoman.

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