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The Rashkin Plan for Higher Profits with High-Performance Housing

first_imgSam Rashkin is a man with a mission: a mission no less ambitious than to change the way American homebuilders conceive, construct, and promote their products.As the father of the Energy Star Certified Homes Program, and now as chief architect of the building technologies office at the U.S. Department of Energy, his day-job description involves promoting super-energy-efficient construction. As a designer with businessman’s heart, he prefers to call it high performance construction. Building FerrarisIf you resent increasingly stringent energy codes, which now address indoor air quality concerns and incorporate a whole-house, engineered-standards approach to construction, then Sam Rashkin would challenge you to move beyond mediocrity and embrace the trend toward higher building standards. He would convince you by showing you the numbers, gathered over two decades with the Builder’s Challenge and now with the Zero Energy Ready Home program.Sam will guarantee that if you build high-performance homes, you will be more profitable. Branding is bragging“When I buy a Lexus or a Prius, it does not perform or look like a Toyota Corolla,” says Sam. “High-performance homes, like Ferraris, define an architectural brand. To be successful in marketing high-performance homes, you cannot keep making the same-looking house, but better — it has to have an elite look that brands it as something more desirable. Yeah, it costs a little more, so make it distinctive so people know it’s something special.”Sam gets excited as when he makes his pitch: “Work with me,” he says, urging builders to join him in the Zero Energy Ready Home program, “and do a few — just 15 to 20 of these high-performance homes — and you will see such a radical change in your profit margins. You’ll be convinced it’s the strategy for you.” RELATED ARTICLES Fernando Pagés Ruiz is a developer and author who speaks, writes, and consults on how to build high-quality, affordable, and energy-efficient homes. A builder with 30 years of experience, Pagés is the author of two books published by the Taunton Press: Building an Affordable House (2005) and Affordable Remodel (2007). Two books worth readingSam wrote a book about it, Retooling the U.S. Housing Industry, in which he examines the five critical components of our industry: land development, design, construction, performance, and sales. Published in 2010, it’s only slighted dated. Sam is a home building futurist, so most of us have not yet caught up to his old standards. It’s brief and practical. I do recommend it.To help you sell your product, I also recommend Sam’s book for home buyers, How to Avoid the 10 Biggest Mistakes Buying a New Home. Not that you’ll learn something new as a builder, but this book, inspired by questions from friends and family, addresses the most common pitfalls in selecting and negotiating for a new home. It will certainly help you in conveying the benefits of your high-performance home over the competition. “If you think only about first costs, and plan to compete with fire-sale homes, you have an old and now-defeated business model,” he told me. Then he fleshed it out with an example: “I’ve been working with builders for the last two decades or so, and I have built long-term relationships with a whole cadre of builders, in different markets — maybe 60 or more — and in my mind it’s like a secret club. These builders each put up about 20 homes a year, and what they experience is near zero callbacks and no marketing expenses, because they have a very loyal following. And they have higher profit margins because their customers know the value of their product.”Sam was struck by the business angle of building high-performance homes. He realized that “high performance” could be an effective message to promote better building standards: in effect, setting a high bar as a standard, in the same way that successful manufacturers not only provide a commodity service, such as transportation, computing, or phone calls, but also establish an aura of exceptionality that defines the marketplace. Think Audi, Apple, and, well … Apple. Zero Energy Ready HomesThe Zero Energy Ready Home program is a Department of Energy (DOE) initiative to encourage builders to construct now what we will all be building by 2020 — that is, homes that are so energy-efficient that a renewable energy system, such as a roof-mounted solar array, can offset all or most of the annual energy consumption.Sam’s program at DOE goes beyond energy to incorporate just about every high-performance standard, such as indoor air quality, 300-year durability, and natural disaster resistance — rigorous requirements that the DOE says will ensure outstanding levels of water and energy savings, comfort, health, and durability. If you partner with the DOE, they will provide plenty of promotional material.In fact, Sam suggests that builders get involved in any and all the builder programs, from Energy Star to LEED for Homes, as a means of marketing by association with established brands that represent high quality standards, along the lines of “Intel Inside.” Involvement in multiple programs also assures a well-rounded approach to construction that leads to better quality than any single-focus program can supply.But keep in mind that while a Ferrari represents high performance, it also represents social status, high design, and economic success, in the same way that a Rolex wristwatch represents much more than a timekeeping instrument. So it pays to partner with an excellent architect who can provide the chic necessary to showcase high style, not just energy performance. People still want to embody their green moral values and long-term energy-saving goals in elegant wrappings. Government Ups the Energy Star Ante The Energy Star Homes Program Raises the Bar with Version 3Will the Energy Star Homes Program Survive Version 3?LEED for HomesDenver Developer Focuses on Zero-Energy HomesLarge Connecticut Home is ‘Zero-Energy-Ready’Department of Energy Honors Innovative BuildersDepartment of Energy Seeks Student Designerslast_img read more

15 Premiere Pro Tutorials Every Video Editor Should Watch

first_imgIn this roundup, we’ve collected the top must-watch Adobe Premiere Pro video tutorials for video editors of all experience levels.To help you get the most out of Premiere Pro, we’ve rounded up a list of 15 essential Premiere Pro video tutorials for video editors. From the basics of importing and capturing footage to more advanced features like multi-cam editing and Warp Stabilizer, these Premiere Pro tutorials run the gamut of a post-production workflow.1. Navigating the InterfaceThe Premiere Pro Interface is surprisingly easy to navigate, considering its impressive functionality. Here’s what to expect if you’re new to the program and are not quite sure where to start.Video via Shutterstock Tutorials.2. Importing and Organizing ClipsStep one of any video editing project is importing your media. Joe Allam shows us his process for importing footage — as well as some useful tips for organizing your recent imports.Video via Joe Allam.3. Basic Timeline EditingThis tutorial is an overview of the types of edits you can use; however, all the demonstrations are in Premiere Pro, and they’re very easy to follow.Video via Shutterstock Tutorials.(Also check out “10 Premiere Pro Tips You Should Know.”)4. Three-Point EditingThe concept of three-point editing is essential editing knowledge. Basically, it’s all about how your editing workflow will look in Premiere. Once you figure out a system that works for you, you can really start flying comfortably through your edits. It makes a world of difference when you’re confident with your edit.Video via Creative COW. 5. Keyboard ShortcutsIf you can do any one thing to increase your editing speed, it would be to add keyboard shortcuts to the mix. Typically, the more keyboard shortcuts you use, the faster and more efficiently you will edit.Video via Learn How to Edit Stuff.(Also check out “J,K, and L Keys for Faster Video Editing.”)6. Using the Essential Graphics PanelWith the introduction of the Essential Graphics Panel, Adobe has streamlined the process of bringing motion graphics into Premiere (without having to move into After Effects). In this tutorial, Boone demonstrates how to get started with the panel in three easy steps!Video via Shutterstock Tutorials.(Also check out “6 New Features in Essential Graphics Panel.”)7. Color GradingWant to make your video look professional? Start color correcting and grading. It’s easy to not think about color correcting and grading — especially if you’re shooting with something similar to Canon-level color science — but it matters. Correcting the color in your footage, and applying unique color grades, can really increase your production values.Video via PremiumBeat.(Also check out “How to Easily Match Any Two Cameras.”)8. Multi-cam EditingIf you have footage from a live event — or a TV show with multiple clips — try using the multi-cam feature in Premiere. With multi-cam, users can switch between multiple video feeds in real-time, just like a TV switcher on a live production. Premiere Gal walks us through the basics of working with and managing multiple cameras in Premiere.Video via Premiere Gal.9. Audio EditingBad audio can ruin a project. That’s why it’s so disappointing when filmmakers fail to correctly mix their audio in post. Our hero, Matt Johnson, shows us how to adjust various audio-related features in Premiere Pro.Video via Matt WhoisMatt Johnson.(Also check out “Audio Transitions You Need to Know.”)10. Exporting Your VideoNow that your video is edited, it’s time to export. If you’re new to Premiere, there are many different options, and they can seem overwhelming. But have no fear — Annie is here! Annie from Shutterstock Tutorials goes over the options for exporting video out of Premiere Pro.Video via Shutterstock Tutorials. 11. Working with ProxiesLet’s say you’re dealing with (and trying to edit) large 4K files — maybe even 8K — and you need to set up an efficient workflow. Proxies will help.Video via Matt WhoisMatt Johnson.(Also check out “How to Create PROXIES For High Frame Rate Footage.”)12. Creating CreditsAdding rolling credits to your project with the title tool is easy in Premiere.Video via BizVidCommunications.13. Warp StabilizerI know at this point Warp Stabilizer has become a bit of a meme. But it can still save a shot and add value, regardless of its unpredictability.  By adding the Warp Stabilizer to your clips, you can quickly smooth out shaky footage. (You can also use it to minimize rolling shutter.)Video via Karl Miller.14. Adding MarkersMarkers are useful for adding notes to your clips and timeline in Premiere. This is important if you edit with a team because you can easily leave edit notes — and to-do-tasks — in the timeline.Video via Basic Filmmaker.15. Working with Noisy Footage and AudioThere’s nothing worse than getting footage from a client, or uploading the footage you shot, only to find that some of the shots are noisy. Maybe you couldn’t see your monitor well enough or it was bright outside — there are countless reasons why your image might not be what you originally envisioned.Video via Shutterstock Tutorials.If you’re also looking to reduce noise in your audio, check out this tutorial.Want to take your Premiere skills to the next level? Check out the Premiere section of the PremiumBeat blog. We have hundreds of articles and tutorials dedicated to helping you become a better video editor.(This article was originally published on February 13, 2015. It has been updated to reflect changes in the industry.)Cover image via guteksk7.Looking for more video tutorials? Check these out.Video Tutorial: How to Use Premiere’s New Freeform View6 New Features in Premiere Pro’s Essential Graphics PanelHow to Perfectly Position Your Content in Premiere Pro 2019Tutorial: Getting Started with Content-Aware Fill in After Effects5 Ways to Animate with Trim Paths in Adobe After Effectslast_img read more

Hizbul Mujahideen terror module busted in Kashmir

first_imgJammu and Kashmir Police on Monday claimed to have busted a module of the Hizbul Mujahideen by arresting seven suspected militants in Kashmir who were allegedly tasked to disrupt the upcoming Lok Sabha bypolls.The arrests were made in south Kashmir’s Kulgam district, ahead of bypolls in Anantnag and Srinagar due in April.“We have busted a module of the banned Hizbul Mujahideen militant organisation by arresting seven militants,” Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Kulgam, Shridhar Patil told reporters.He said the district police received a specific intelligence input on March 21 that the militant outfit has constituted a module to carry out attacks on security forces and disrupt the election process.The self-styled district commander of the outfit Altaf Dar alias Al-Kachroo and Towseef Sheikh alias Mossad had constituted the module for allegedly disrupting the elections.“We registered a case on the basis of this information and during investigation it was found that Zubar Ahmad Badar, a resident of Nai-Basti in Qaimoh area of the district, was the king-pin of this module. He was subsequently arrested,” Mr. Patil said.The SSP said a pistol, three bullets and two AK-47 magazines were recovered from Badar’s possession. “During his questioning, we came to know about his associates and among them till now six have been arrested and we expect more arrests,” he added.The police officer said the main aim of the module was to target security forces during the elections and they had even made a failed attempt in Bijbehara area of Anantnag on March 19.“The arrest of these persons and recoveries made is a big achievement for us especially because of the elections,” the official said. He also claimed that Hizbul Mujahideen was trying to recruit new people The by-elections to Srinagar and Anantnag Lok Sabha constituencies are to be held on April 9 and April 12, respectively.last_img read more

Dramatic beetle weapons aren’t just for show

first_imgRhinoceros beetles have an arsenal of weapons at their disposal. Some species sport robust pincers on their heads, while others brandish long, thin spears, and still others wield elaborate pitchforks. A new study reveals that these aren’t just arbitrary adornments: Each species has evolved armaments that perform best at their own style of fighting. To demonstrate this, the authors used an engineering technology called finite element analysis—computer modeling of a structure to calculate the strains and stresses experienced when different forces are applied to it—to simulate the mechanical performance of the weapons of different rhinoceros beetle species under both the species’ own style of battle and other species’ fighting styles. In all species tested, the head horn is inserted under the opponent to pry him from the tree bark on which the beetles live, but the maneuvers are different. The Trypoxylus males (pictured) have long pitchforks that are used to pry and twist opponents off tree branches, whereas the horns of Dynastes function like pliers to lift opponents and toss them to the ground. The horns of Golofa males are long and slender and are used for fencing and pushing opponents off narrow shoots. Depending on the species, the head horns experience vertical bending and twisting (Trypoxylus), vertical bending only (Dynastes), or vertical and lateral bending (Golofa). The horns are strongest and stiffest during species-typical fighting and perform poorly in the context of other species’ fighting styles, the team reports online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Natural selection for improved performance of dueling males with different fighting strategies likely drove the diversification of weapons in this group of beetles, the researchers conclude.last_img read more

Argentina begins new era under coach Sampaoli

first_imgMOST READ LATEST STORIES View comments BSP survey: PH banks see bright horizon amid dark global recession clouds ADVERTISEMENT Marco Andretti has 2 chances to bounce back at Detroit GP BREAKING: Cop killed, 11 hurt in Misamis Oriental grenade blast Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Cayetano dares Lacson, Drilon to take lie-detector test: Wala akong kinita sa SEA Games Palace: Duterte to hear out security execs on alleged China control of NGCP Lacson: SEA Games fund put in foundation like ‘Napoles case’ BREAKING: Cop killed, 11 hurt in Misamis Oriental grenade blast Sampaoli, dressed in Argentina colors, said his mission is “to build a team that respects the history of Argentinian football” and bring fans back.He is Argentina’s third coach during the current edition of the World Cup qualifiers in South America, after Gerardo Martino and Edgardo Bauza. Argentina is currently fifth in qualifying — only the top four get direct spots at Russia 2018.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutSampaoli, who left Spanish club Sevilla to take the national job, will get his first game in charge against Brazil in a friendly on June 9 in Melbourne, Australia.Most players in the squad have been involved in three consecutive narrow defeats in finals: World Cup 2014, Copa America 2015 and Copa America Centenario 2016. But Sampaoli knows his biggest challenge lies with Messi delivering good performances for the national team. Argentina’s new soccer coach Jorge Sampaoli poses between his coaching staff Sebastian Beccacece, left, and Jorge Desio at the end of a press conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina. APBUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Jorge Sampaoli has taken over as Argentina coach and faces the challenge of bringing out the best in superstar Lionel Messi for his national team and restoring the confidence of fans.“It is a dream that I cherished for ages. This is a position I always admired — It generates a lot of dreams and passion,” the 57-year-old Sampaoli told a press conference Thursday (Friday Manila time).ADVERTISEMENT Every 18 seconds someone is diagnosed with HIV Pagasa: Storm intensifies as it nears PAR Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. “We want the most genuine and pleasant version of the best player in the world, we want him happy here,” Sampaoli said, adding that he’d spoken with Messi in recent days.Argentina will play Uruguay on Aug. 31 in its next World Cup qualifying match. After that, there will be only three games to secure a spot in Russia.“The difficulty in the qualifiers is real: Argentina is not qualified, but we know we have the resources for that,” he said.Sampaoli only became famous at home when he took Chile to its first major trophy by beating Argentina on penalties in the 2015 Copa America final.last_img read more

5th ODI: Virat Kohli’s record hundred gives India 3-1 series win

first_imgRiding on skipper Virat Kohli’s unbeaten century, India defeated West Indies by eight wickets in the fifth and final One-Day International (ODI) at the Sabina Park Stadium. Kohli (111 not out) and middle-order batsman Dinesh Karthik (50 not out) helped India on Thursday to outplay the hosts and clinched the five match ODI series 3-1.Chasing 206, India started on a poor note as opener Shikhar Dhawan (4) was sent back to the pavilion in the first over by pacer Alzarri Joseph.Incoming batsman Kohli and opener Ajinkya Rahane (39) then added 79 runs for the second wicket to stabilise the Indian innings.But, just when things seemed to be in control, Rahane was adjudged leg before wicket off Devendra Bishoo in the 19th over.Unperturbed by the fall of Rahane’s wicket, Kohli displayed his class and waited for the bad balls. Soon, Kohli along with Karthik, started thrashing West Indies bowlers all around the park and chased down the total with 79 balls remaining.Kohli slammed 12 boundaries and two sixes in his 115 ball knock while Karthik’s 52-ball knock was comprised of five boundaries.For West Indies, Joseph and Bishoo chipped in with one wicket each.Earlier, Mohammed Shami bagged a four-wicket haul as India restricted West Indies to 205/9.The Bengal pacer decimated the hosts’ lower-middle order to return figures of 4/48 in his 10 overs.Fellow pacer Umesh Yadav also did well to return figures of 3/53.Shai Hope was the most successful among the West Indies batsmen with 51 runs of 98 balls.Shai waged a lone battle along with opener Kyle Hope who scored a breezy 46 off 50 deliveries before being sent back by Umesh Yadav.advertisementThe hosts were off to a slow start with openers Evan Lewis and Kyle struggling to find the gaps.Lewis crawled his way to nine runs off 20 deliveries before a mistimed attempt to hit pacer Hardik Pandya over mid-off saw him hand an easy catch to Indian skipper Virat Kohli.Kyle and Shai joined forces and was building up what seemed to be a potentially promising partnership before the former pulled a Yadav delivery into the hands of Shikhar Dhawan at midwicket.Yadav tasted success with his very next delivery when he trapped Roston Chase leg before.The twin blows prompted the hosts to become extra cautious and the run rate crawled along at snails pace as Shai and Jason Mohammed added just 39 runs between them over the next 14.3 overs.Following Mohammed’s dismissal, Jason Holder tried to up the ante with 36 runs off 34 deliveries before being sent back by Shami. Shai followed him back to the pavilion soon after.However, Rovman Powell seemed set to end the West Indies innings on a high note with a 32-ball 31. But he did not too much support at the other end as the Indians picked up wickets at regular intervals.Brief scores:West Indies: 205/9 in 50 overs (Shai Hope 51, Kyle Hope 46; Mohammed Shami 4/48, Umesh Yadav 3/53) vs India: 206/2 (Virat Kohli 111 not out, Dinesh Karthik 50 not out; Alzzari Joseph 1/39).last_img read more

ALCS Pits Moustakas vs. Markakis

first_imgKANSAS CITY, MO — It’s the Kansas City Royals – and Mike Moustakas – against the Baltimore Orioles – and Nick Markakis –  in the American League Champion Series after the Royals won game three 8-3 to sweep the Los Angeles Angels  after the Orioles wrapped up their own sweep by beating the Detroit Tigers at home 2-1 in the afternoon.In Kansas City Alex Gordon hit a bases-clearing double in the first inning, Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas each homered and the Kansas City Royals beat the Los Angeles Angels 8-3 on Sunday night to finish a sweep of their AL Division Series.Back in the playoffs for the first time since 1985, the wild-card Royals will face the Orioles in the AL Championship Series beginning Friday night in Baltimore. Kansas City went 4-3 against the O’s this year.The Royals’ James Shields allowed homers to Mike Trout and Albert Pujols over six otherwise solid innings. C.J. Wilson failed to escape the first for Los Angeles, giving up all three runs on Gordon’s tone-setting double.The Orioles topped a runaway title in a division of behemoths, with an unexpected sweep against a trio of Cy Young winners.For Nelson Cruz, Buck Showalter and this unheralded bunch from Baltimore, the question now is: What’s next?Cruz sliced a two-run homer for his latest big postseason hit, and the Orioles held off the Detroit Tigers 2-1 Sunday to reach the AL Championship Series for the first time since 1997.Bud Norris outpitched David Price in Game 3 of the AL Division Series. The Tigers scored in the ninth inning and put the tying run on second with no outs, but Orioles closer Zach Britton escaped the jam to lift Showalter into his first LCS in 16 seasons as a big league manager.“This is fun to watch. Believe me, I’m happier than you can imagine,” Showalter said. “But most of it comes from getting to see the players get what they’ve put into it.”Baltimore opens the ALCS on Friday at home against Kansas City or at the Los Angeles Angels.“We’ve got a lot to go and we’re grinding,” outfielder Adam Jones said. “If we play as a team, we can do anything.”So often an afterthought in the rugged AL East, the Orioles won their first division title since 1997 this year, dispatching the second-place New York Yankees by 12 games — and last-place Boston by more than double that margin. That put Baltimore up against another of the game’s most star-laden rosters, and Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander and the Tigers couldn’t manage a single win.Cruz’s homer Sunday was his 16th in postseason play, including eight against the Tigers. He was the MVP of the 2011 ALCS for Texas in a six-game victory over Detroit.Cruz spent much of this past offseason without a team after serving a 50-game suspension last year for violating baseball’s drug agreement.“He knows things were self-inflicted,” Showalter said. “He really wanted to re-establish himself, and we thought that we could provide a real good opportunity for him, and the sky might be the limit.”Norris pitched two-hit ball for 6 1-3 innings, and Andrew Miller got five straight outs to keep the shutout going.Victor Martinez and J.D. Martinez opened the ninth with back-to-back doubles off Britton. Bryan Holaday struck out after a failed bunt attempt, and Showalter made the unconventional decision to put the winning run on base by intentionally walking Nick Castellanos.That meant the bottom of Detroit’s lineup would have to come through. The Tigers sent up Hernan Perez — who had five at-bats in the regular season — to pinch hit, and he bounced a 96 mph fastball into a 5-4-3 double play. It was Britton’s second save of the series.Cruz led the majors with 40 homers this season, and the Orioles topped baseball with 211. It was his two-run homer in the first inning of the opener that set the series’ tone, and he came through again in the sixth inning against Price. Cruz’s drive cleared the wall in right, about 2 feet to the left of the foul pole.Not bad for a guy the Orioles signed in late February. Cruz turned down a $14.1 million qualifying offer that would have kept him with Texas — but he ended up having to settle for an $8 million, one-year contract with Baltimore that included $750,000 in roster bonuses.Cruz’s powerful bat enabled the Orioles to withstand season-ending injuries to Manny Machado and Matt Wieters, as well as Chris Davis’ 25-game suspension for an amphetamine violation.“If you tell me before the series we’re going to sweep, I don’t believe it,” Cruz said.Detroit won its fourth straight AL Central this year. But after reaching at least the ALCS the last three seasons, Detroit couldn’t make it there this year. The Tigers remain without a World Series title since 1984 — a drought one year shorter than Baltimore’s.“It’s disappointing. You feel like you let the fans down and you feel like you let the organization down,” said Brad Ausmus, who replaced Jim Leyland as Detroit’s manager after last season.Detroit acquired Price at this year’s trade deadline, adding another impressive arm to an already-formidable rotation. Max Scherzer, Price and Verlander are the AL’s last three Cy Young Award winners, and the Tigers started them all in this series. Verlander and Cabrera have combined for the last three MVP awards.No use against a Baltimore team that had already surprised most of baseball with a 96-win regular season.“We got beat. There’s all there is to say,” Scherzer said. “We got outplayed in the series in every facet.”After dropping the first two games of the ALDS in Baltimore — the second thanks to an eighth-inning collapse by the bullpen — the Tigers returned home to a fairly subdued crowd at Comerica Park.In the third, Don Kelly was on second with one out when Torii Hunter hit a grounder to the left side. Kelly was caught between second and third and tried to slide headfirst back to second. Second baseman Jonathan Schoop initially dropped the throw from shortstop J.J. Hardy, then quickly picked up the ball and tagged Kelly.An umpire supervisor said through Major League Baseball spokeswoman Phyllis Merhige that Schoop was still in the act of fielding the ball, so it was not obstruction.“It was probably more incidentally than anything else, going after the ball,” Ausmus said. “I don’t know that anything could be done in that situation.”TRAINER’S ROOMDetroit OF Rajai Davis was out of the starting lineup with a pelvic strain. He lined out as a pinch- hitter in the seventh. Tigers C Alex Avila left in the sixth after taking a foul ball off the mask.UP NEXTBaltimore reached the ALCS in 1996 and 1997, losing to the Yankees and Cleveland. The Orioles went 3-4 against Kansas City this seasonTweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Hopsy Brings Draft Beer to the Countertop

first_img The Best Lodges in the U.S. for Drinking and Relaxing For many craft beer fans, the holy grail of their hobby is to replicate the beer bar experience in the comfort and convenience of their own home. Creating the ultimate beer drinking atmosphere  means comfortable seating, good music and, of course, delicious beer on tap.Draft systems have become more affordable in recent years and the kegerator market is rich with good looking units at a variety of price points and features. Do-it-yourselfers can build their own draft systems by following online “keezer” blueprints. But for those who aren’t ready to invest in a traditional draft system or don’t have the maker gene, there is a new alternative in the HomeTap by Hopsy.Related: Turn Your Kitchen into Your Favorite Local BrewpubDeveloped by the KRUPS company, HomeTap is a countertop draft beer dispenser. KRUPS has produced a wide variety of coffee makers, toasters, and even other kitchen ready draft beer systems. The partnership with Hopsy, an online retailer of craft beer, is where HomeTap stands apart from other offerings in the space. Hopsy works with local craft breweries to supply fresh, neighborhood beers to its customers both in growlers and now in the HomeTap bottle format. Each HomeTap bottle holds two liters of beer and stays fresh for up to two weeks.Hopsy and HomeTap purchases are currently available to Bay Area California residents in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and the surrounding areas. Hopsy customers simply place an order online and the HomeTap ready beer shows up the next day. With over 100 different beers from more than 15 different breweries on board, there are plenty of options to keep beer drinkers quenched and happy. The HomeTap system is also available as a standalone purchase or a one-time bundle. Subscriptions are also available, which ensure your home pub never runs out of fresh suds.Related Post: The Manual’s Favorite Kegerators The Best Fresh Hop Beers to Celebrate the Hop Harvest Getting to Know Rhum Agricole, Rum’s Grassy Sibling Why Tea and Beer Go Well Together (and 5 Tea Beers to Try) Editors’ Recommendations Getting to Know the Lithuanian Beer Scene last_img read more

ClassNK: Printed Versions of the 2014 Rules Now Available

first_imgzoom The Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK) few days ago announced the release of printed versions of the 2014 Rules and Guidance for the Survey and Construction of Steel Ships.ClassNK is continuously reviewing and revising its technical rules and guidance in order to make sure that they are as up-to-date as possible.The 2014 versions contain amendments made between 15 April 2013 and 26 February 2014, including those related to the following:Requirements related to “Full Review of the Requirements for Ore Carriers”, etc. in order to reflect recent research and development results;Requirements related to “Supporting Structures of Independent Prismatic Tanks”, etc. in order to reflect recent damage investigation feedback obtained during surveys;Requirements related to the “Rules for the Inspection and Registration of Maritime Labour Systems”, and the “Code on Noise Levels On Board Ships”, etc. in order to reflect recent changes made to relevant international conventions;Requirements related to “Provision of Free-fall Lifeboats on Ships Converted to Bulk Carriers”, etc. in order to reflect recent changes made to relevant IACS Unified Requirements;Requirements related to “Scope of Application of Fire-resistant Cables”, etc. in response to industry requests, etc.More infoMay 26, 2014last_img read more

Mamata directs CID to take over Nimta murder case probe

first_imgKolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee instructed the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on Thursday to take over the investigation of Trinamool leader Nirmal Kundu’s murder at Nimta.In the evening, she visited Nirmal’s house and interacted with his family members. Later, Banerjee alleged that BJP is resorting to violence in the name of victory rallies and instructed the police not to allow any more victory rallies across the state by the saffron party. Banerjee was accompanied by Sujit Bose, Jyotipriya Mallick, MLA Saugata Roy and MP Dola Sen. Also Read – City bids adieu to Goddess DurgaOn Thursday at around 6:30 pm, Banerjee visited Nirmal’s family members where they called for capital punishment for the guilty persons. After interacting with the Trinamool leader’s family, the Chief Minister stated that the conspirator behind the murder should be found at any cost. “Who is the conspirator? I have met Nirmal’s family and they have demanded capital punishment for the murderers. We want justice and punishment for the culprits as well,” she said. Also Read – Centuries-old Durga Pujas continue to be hit among revellersLater, Banerjee alleged that BJP has won the seats in Bengal through fraud and bribes. She also stated that the party is lying about their workers getting killed in the state. “None of their workers have been killed. But in Delhi they are claiming that Trinamool is doing all the violence. They are lying. Only our workers are getting killed. After winning in some sub divisions, BJP is doing naked displays of violence. Bengal is not the place for it, it is a place of peace,” Banerjee said. She also alleged that general people and Trinamool leaders are getting attacked during the saffron party’s victory rallies. “No victory rally will be allowed. I am instructing the police about it. Only peace rallies will be allowed,” she added. Banerjee also stated that BJP on Wednesday had killed a Trinamool worker in Dinhata and a newborn baby in Habra. She also challenged BJP over the poster pasted on a Trinamool leader’s house in Birati, where there was a threat of his head being severed. Talking about Nirmal’s murder, Banerjee further said, “BJP workers were arranging a display of the oath taking ceremony. Nirmal just requested them to do it a bit far from his home. Was that his fault? I am requesting people to take action so that BJP cannot win in Bengal.” She also alleged that the CPI(M) is supporting BJP and warned the leaders of the party to control their cadres. According to sources, following Nirmal’s murder his brother is being threatened continuously by a group of miscreants. They have mentioned five names in the FIR lodged. On the other hand, two accused persons arrested on Wednesday, identified as Suman Kundu and Sujoy Das, were produced before the Barrackpore Court on Thursday. After hearing the petition from both parties, the magistrate remanded the duo to police custody for seven days. Sleuths are searching for the other accused persons named in the FIR and are conducting raids in several places.last_img read more

Stand Up To Cancer And The V Foundation Establish Grants Program For

first_imgTwo cancer-fighting initiatives come together this year at The 2014 ESPYS to join forces in the battle against the disease.ESPN has announced that The V Foundation for Cancer Research and Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), a program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, will collaborate on grants for research scholars working within an emerging scientific field known as convergence, a new model of research meant to spur innovation in new ways of combating cancer.“We are so proud to make the announcement of these two major organizations teaming up as part of our new multi-platform ESPY Day program this year designed to take our fundraising tied to the ESPYS to another level,” said ESPN president John Skipper. “This donation, combined with the support of our viewers and radio listeners, is creating a truly collaborative way to strive for a cure for this disease.”A highlight of ESPY Day – a vision of former ESPN President and V Foundation board member George Bodenheimer – will be the special announcement of the collaboration during The 2014 ESPYS by Robin Roberts. Roberts, who was honored with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at The 2013 ESPYS, has publicly battled cancer and has received wide recognition for inspiring others who are continuing to fight each day. The 2014 ESPYS, hosted by Drake, will be televised live Wednesday, July 16, at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN from Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles.This is the first time The V Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer have worked together. SU2C is investing $4 million in the grants program.“We see convergence as a blueprint for innovation, involving the coming together of different fields of study — particularly engineering, physical sciences, and life sciences,’’ said Nobel Laureate Phillip A. Sharp, Ph.D., Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT, and chair of the SU2C Scientific Advisory Committee, who wrote a white paper on the subject. “Through collaboration among research groups and the integration of approaches that were originally viewed as distinct and potentially contradictory, convergence enables the innovation necessary to address the epidemic of cancer, one of the most urgent health care challenges of the 21st century.”“The donation stemmed from the jointly-held visions of both The V Foundation for Cancer Research and The Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Stand Up To Cancer initiative to discover and fund scientific breakthroughs that can end cancer’s reign as a leading cause of death,” said Lisa Paulsen, a co-founder of Stand Up To Cancer and president & CEO of the Entertainment Industry Foundation.“By working collaboratively with The V Foundation, Stand Up To Cancer will help expand investments in new and innovative research efforts combining expertise from several scientific areas aimed at understanding, controlling and treating cancer,” said Sung Poblete, Ph.D., R.N., president & CEO of Stand Up To Cancer.Added Susan Braun, CEO of The V Foundation for Cancer Research: “By taking advantage of advances in information technology, nanotechnology, new material research, imaging, optics, quantum physics, and other physical sciences, often considered outside the realm of traditional biomedical research, convergence grants may provide a tipping point in our fight against cancer. ESPY Day and this collaboration with these two leaders in cancer research funding is another important effort in our shared fight against this terrible disease. Donations made through this multi-platform initiative allow us to continue funding life-saving research programs.”This year, ESPN is also expanding its 21-year effort to help find a cure for cancer with a day-long fundraising drive across multiple platforms called “ESPY Day Benefitting The V Foundation for Cancer Research.” ESPY Day will begin at midnight on July 16 with integrated fundraising messaging across ESPN networks culminating with a special simulcast of the ESPYS on ESPN2 at 9 p.m. Some of these funds raised will support future SU2C-V Foundation Convergence Scholars grants. The simulcast will include fundraising elements and heavy social media integration of the hashtag #DontEverGiveUp, inspired by Jim Valvano’s iconic speech at the 1993 ESPYS.last_img read more

The Latest Michigan AG says Legislatures tactic is legal

first_imgLANSING, Mich. — The Latest on the Michigan Legislature’s consideration of minimum wage and paid sick leave bills (all times local):12:35 p.m.Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette says it is constitutional for Michigan’s Legislature to pass bills initiated as ballot drives and subsequently amend them in the same legislative session.Schuette’s opinion was made public Tuesday as the GOP-controlled House prepared to vote to significantly scale back minimum wage and paid sick leave laws that legislators passed in September so they would be easier to change now. Organizers of the ballot initiatives say the strategy is unconstitutional, and legal challenges are likely if Gov. Rick Snyder signs the bills.In his opinion dated Monday, Schuette says the state constitution imposes restrictions on lawmakers’ ability to amend voter-approved laws, but it has no “express limitations on amending a legislatively enacted initiated law.” He says Michigan courts have said legislatively enacted initiatives should be treated similarly to ordinary legislation.___10 a.m.Bills to scale back Michigan’s new minimum wage hike and mandatory paid sick leave law are advancing in the Republican-led Legislature.A House panel backed the legislation on party lines Tuesday. The full House may approve the bills later Tuesday before they move to Gov. Rick Snyder, who has not said where he stands.To prevent the ballot initiatives from going to electorate, where they would be much harder to change if voters had passed them, GOP lawmakers approved them in September so they could alter them now with majority votes.The business community supports delaying the boost in the minimum wage until at least 2030 and limiting paid sick time requirements to employers with 50 or more workers. Opponents say the move is illegal and an insult to voters.The Associated Presslast_img read more

Argo Roads South Peace reminding drivers to slow down due to snow

first_imgFor more information on #shiftintowinter; CLICK HERE DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – Argo Road Maintenence Road Contractor is reminding drivers to slow down as the snow has arrived.Tweeted on Thursday, September 26th, 2019, Argo posted, slow down and adjust your driving speeds according to the weather conditions.Argo’s twitter feed has posted shoulder gravelling has started along the John Hart Hwy (BCHwy 97S) near Fabric Road today and tomorrow. Traffic will be single lane and to expect minor delays.last_img

Special category status to NE states will be restored Rahul

first_imgItanagar: The Congress will restore special category status to all states of the Northeast if voted to power at the Centre, party president Rahul Gandhi said Tuesday, reaching out to the electors of the region where it is a sensitive issue.He also accused the BJP of trying to destroy the social and cultural ethos of the people of the Northeast by imposing on them the “RSS ideology”. Addressing a Congress rally in the run up to the Lok Sabha and Arunachal Pradesh assembly polls to be held simultaneously, Gandhi sought to appeal to the regional sentiments, saying his party will never “attack the language, culture, customs and traditions” of the Northeastern states. “The people of the region are close to Congress’s heart. The Congress has always worked for the development of the region. My party, if voted to power, will restore the special category status to Arunachal Pradesh and other states in the Northeast,” he told a well attended rally at Indira Park here. The Congress party’s last standing citadel in the Northeast fell in November last year when BJP ally Mizo National Front stormed to power in the state. There are some states which require special status because of their “unique problems and difficulties” such as connectivity, terrain and infrastructure, he said. Gandhi said these states had special status when the Congress helmed the central government. The Congress president called Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP’s slogan of “Congress mukt Bharat” an expression of “hatred” towards the main opposition party. “However, the Congress being a secular party would not even want the BJP finished,” he said. Accusing the BJP-led central government of imposing “RSS ideology” across the country, including the Northeast, Gandhi alleged ineligible people with Sangh family background were appointed as vice chancellors. Touching upon yest another sensitive issue of Citizenship (amendmdent) Bill, Gandhi said his party will never allow it to be passed by Parliament as it is detrimental to the people of the region. “We will not allow the suppression of the people of the Northeast,” he asserted. “After the NDA government came to power, the Planning Commission, which was set up for meticulously planned development, keeping in mind the special requirements of the region, was replaced with Niti Aayog. “Earlier, all schemes for northeastern states were planned in due consultation with the respective state governments, but now all planning is done in Delhi,” he added. Noting that Arunachal Pradesh has a special place in the Congress’s scheme of things, Gandhi said his party wants a “bonding of hearts” with the people of the northeastern state. The Congress leader promised his party will give a fresh impetus to infrastructure development in Arunachal Pradesh if voted to power. He also pledged to revive the Special Plan Assistance (SPA) scheme and North East Industrial Policy for giving a boost to the region’s economy. Reaffirming the Congress’s commitment to providing ‘Guaranteed Minimum Income’ to every citizen, Gandhi claimed that instead of giving loans to the unemployed youth of Arunachal Pradesh, the Modi government wrote off the Rs 3.5 lakh crore debt of a handful of industrialists. He dubbed as a “blantant lie” the BJP’s promise of creating two crore jobs a year. “Instead, there are more than two crore unemployed youth now,” he said.last_img read more

Ban urges poor nations leaders to create conditions for economic development

“The priority for the new programme of action is to build strong economies that can withstand external shocks,” Mr. Ban told a summit of the leaders from 48 States in Istanbul on the eve on the opening of the Fourth UN Conference on the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) in the Turkish city.The conference will assess the implementation of the Brussels Programme of Action – the outcome document adopted at the 2001 LDC conference – and to reach agreement on a new set of support measures for the 48 nations classified as LDCs.Mr. Ban called for the building of productive capacity and the expanding of opportunities for decent employment for men and women in LDCs.“It means guaranteeing space for civil society and the private sector to operate. It means expanding the provision of essential services – education, health, infrastructure and social safety nets, especially for nutrition security.“To achieve this you will need the engagement of a wide range of partners traditional donors, emerging economies and the world of business,” said the Secretary-General, urging the leaders “not to allow the new atmosphere of global austerity to undermine progress.”In an interview with UN Radio, the Secretary-General stressed that the LDCs conference must come up with an “ambitious, strong, workable programme of action.” “We will make sure that it is monitored and [that] these commitments are delivered,” he added.He acknowledged that the goal of reducing LDCs from 48 at present to 24 over the next decade is ambitious, but realistic, provided that those countries maintain their commitment to implementing the programme of action that will emerge from Istanbul.Mr. Ban told UN Radio that emerging economies, such as Brazil, China and India, had a role to play in supporting LDCs in their development endeavours. “In the context of South and South cooperation, I would strongly urge those emerging powers to do their own way to help the LDCs,” he said.Acknowledging that developed countries are also facing challenges similar to those bedevilling poorer nations, including climate change and soaring food prices, Mr. Ban said that the main issue was that LDCs have limited capacity and resources to address those global problems. Assistance from developed countries to developing ones was not charity but the “politically correct and morally correct” thing to do, the Secretary-General said.“Developed countries should understand that this is going to be a great opportunity for them to live together [with others] harmoniously,” he added.In his speech to the LDCs leaders’ summit, the Mr. Ban said enterprises from around the world will, during the five-day conference, be networking, exchanging ideas and establishing relations that can form an enduring basis for cooperation and opportunity.“We hope they will go away from Istanbul with the message that doing business in the LDCs is not charity but a wise and profitable endeavour,” said Mr. Ban.“But even when we leave Istanbul with a comprehensive programme of action, there will be no time to relax. The promises made here in Istanbul must become promises kept.“As Nelson Mandela remarked on becoming president: ‘After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.’” “The United Nations is committed to climbing these hills alongside you,” he added.Earlier, the Secretary-General met separately with the Prime Minister of Nepal, Jhala Nath Khanal, and the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai.The Secretary-General urged Mr. Khanal to make greater efforts to move the Nepalese peace process forward through genuine cooperation among all political stakeholders. He also underscored the need for establishing transitional justice mechanisms.“The Secretary-General reaffirmed support for efforts – in close cooperation with UNESCO [the UN agency tasked with preserving the world’s cultural heritage] – to better preserve Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha,” said a statement released by the UN chief’s spokesperson after the meeting.Mr. Ban Mr. thanked Mr. Khanal for Nepa’s steadfast contribution to UN peacekeeping operations, and expressed his condolences for the recent sacrifices of Nepalese peacekeepers in Afghanistan and Haiti.The Secretary-General and Mr. Karzai discussed ways to improve the safety and security of UN staff in Afghanistan. They also exchanged views on the prospects for reconciliation in Afghanistan and the UN’s support to the Government-led political process.They “agreed on the importance of focusing on sustainable development as part of the efforts to improve the economic situation in Afghanistan and more broadly promote peace amidst the current turmoil in the world,” according to an information note released by the office of the Secretary-General after the meeting, which also touched on developments in the Middle East and North Africa, especially the mounting civilian casualties, particularly in Libya.The Secretary-General also addressed the opening of the civil society forum the Fourth UN Conference on Least Developed Countries, telling delegates that the conference success would depend on their energy and ideas.“You have been representing the aspirations of the people of our planet’s 48 least developed countries during the national, regional and preparatory processes. Your voices have been heard and your ideas are reflected in the draft outcome document of this Conference that will be finalized during the next coming five days,” Mr. Ban told representatives from non-governmental organisations and civil society groups.Speaking at a session of the LDCs parliamentarians forum, the Secretary-General emphasized that his appeal to the conference will be for more commitment, especially in the key areas of building productive capacity aid and trade debt relief and foreign direct investment technology transfer and climate change adaptation and mitigation.“Securing and implementing this commitment will fall, in large part, with you – the world’s parliamentarians,” he said.The Secretary-General also conferred with José Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission, on a number of issues, including developments in North Africa and the Middle East. They also exchanged views on Cyprus and the Western Balkans, particularly political developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina.At a separate meeting with the Turkish Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, the Secretary-General expressed his gratitude for Turkey’s support for the LDCs conference. They also discussed the Cyprus question, Palestinian reconciliation and the Middle East peace process, as well as developments in Libya and elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa.On Libya, the Secretary-General and Mr. Davutoglu agreed that it is vital to secure an immediate and verifiable ceasefire and to find a political solution. 8 May 2011Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today encouraged leaders of the world’s poorest countries meeting in Turkey to agree on a common position and send a strong political message to the rest of the world on the importance of investing in the least developed countries to eradicate global poverty. read more

Ghomeshi breaks silence with brief Facebook post

A wide range of opinions are being expressed when it comes to abuse allegations against CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi, from the father of Rehtaeh Parsons to former Deputy Prime Minister and Hamilton MP Sheila Copps.But before we tell you more a warning — this story may not be suitable for all viewers — as it contains detailed allegations of sexual abuse and violence.Another woman has come forward with allegations against Ghomeshi, bringing the total now to nine. Reva Seth — a lawyer and writer — has detailed her experience in a blog on the Huffington Post Canada website.Seth starts off by saying she ultimately decided to share her experience because it shows a pattern that has certainly escalated since she knew Ghomeshi. She says she first met him back in 2002 when she was 26-years old and about to start a job at Toronto city hall. It was a random encounter at a grocery store which turned into a few casual hangouts with Ghomeshi.Seth then describes the incident which ‘changed everything’. She writes, “We had a drink, we smoked some pot and we hung out chatting. A while later we started kissing. Suddenly, it was like he became a different person. He was super angry, almost frenzied and disassociated.”“Jian had his hands around my throat, had pulled down my pants and was aggressively and violently digitally penetrating me. I remember he gave me some weird line about how he couldn’t tell if I was actually attracted to him or not, and somehow this was meant to explain his behaviour.”She goes on to say that she didn’t do anything because “It didn’t seem like there was anything to do. I hadn’t been raped, I had no interest in seeing him again or engaging the police in my life. I just wanted to continue on with my life as it was. And even if I had wanted to do something, as a lawyer, I was well aware that the scenario was just a ‘he said, she said’ situation.”These latest allegations follow a number of others detailed in a Toronto Star article on Thursday. One woman says Ghomeshi threw her against a wall and demanded that she perform oral sex. Another says he grabbed her hair — and punched her head three times.Reva Seth says she debated for quite some time before coming forward, but she felt that she was in the position to do so without facing ramifications in terms of her family and marriage. And also because having this conversation can help build a public understanding of the complexity around these issues, which there certainly is.In a Facebook post earlier this week, Ghomeshi said he did nothing wrong. He said he would engage in rough sex but it was always consensual. He said the CBC fired him for his sexual behaviour and then launched a $55 million dollar lawsuit against the CBC.Ghomeshi turned to social media again Thursday in the wake of the latest women coming forward with allegations of violence, sexual abuse and harassment. On Facebook, he posted: “I want to thank you for your support and assure you that I intend to meet these allegations directly. I don’t intend to discuss this matter any further with the media.” This afternoon, crisis communications firm Navigator and the PR agency Rock-it Promotions both dropped Ghomeshi as a client.As new details emerge about the disturbing allegations against Ghomeshi, the public’s reaction is growing. And in some cases dominating coversations on social media.Trailer park boys actress Lucy Decoutere became the first woman to go public with allegations of abusive behavior by Ghomeshi.Speaking today, Decoutere says she’s going on record to help the other women who say they are dealing with even more serious accusations: “He did take me by the throat and press me against the wall, and took me, and he did slap me across the face a couple of times and that took me by surprise because that’s not something I’ve had happen to me before.”Decoutere was speaking Thursday morning with CBC’s ‘The Current’ describing an incident she says took place in 2003. She alleges — without warning or consent — Jian Ghomeshi choked her to the point she couldn’t breath before slapping her hard on the side of the head.Decoutere: “It’s made me think about where women sit in society and it’s not a comfortable sofa at the moment.”Decoutere is one of 8 women who say they were abused by the former CBC host. But the only one to agree to be identified.Lenore Lukasik-Foss, Director, Sexual Assault Centre Hamilton and Area: “We have to stop denying that sexual violence is as prevalent as it is.”Lukasik-Foss says some reaction to this case has been worrisome, as it blames the victim: “Only 4 to 7 percent of survivors go to police ever. So the fact that someone doesn’t go to police doesn’t mean they aren’t being truthful about what they have experienced.”Today, Premier Wynne was asked to weigh in on the case during her visit to Beijing: “First of all, in terms of the specifics around Jian I’m not going to comment on that case that situation. There are many allegations and counter allegations and counter allegations so I’m not going to weigh in on that. If you’re asking me whether I have a comment on assault wherever that would happen if there is an assault then obviously I’m completely unsupportive and reject any notion that that’s acceptable wherever assault takes place. So those are two separate issues for me.”Former Deputy Prime Minister Sheila Copps is under fire today for comments she made about Ghomeshi. She wrote on Twitter: “@jianghomeshi the state (and the CBC) have no place in the bedrooms of the nation. good luck and stand tall!” The date on this Twitter post reads October 27th – that was Monday. The tweet started a thread.And Rehtaeh Parsons father was among those who replied writing: “The state has a place in bedrooms if what is happening in them is a sex crime. Rehtaeh Parsons was raped in a bedroom.”In a response to another Twitter user, Copps expands on her first post writing “If a crime occurred, lay charges. Otherwise, private consensual acts are not grounds for dismissal. What about due process?”Today, Sheila Copps posted this: “My tweets were in no way intended to condone any violence against women. Perpetrators should be brought to justice, without fear or favor.Lukasik-Foss says there are many reasons victims of sexual assault would not go to police — such as fear of retaliation for being blamed.CBC says it is hiring a third-party company to conduct an independent investigation in the wake of the allegations against Jian Ghomeshi.A memo from the public broadcaster says the move follows ‘accounts of impropriety’ towards CBC employees, and that counselors are being made available to staff. Reports from CBC and the Toronto Star have outlined allegations from women who said they were hit and choked by Ghomeshi. CBC calls the reports ‘extremely disturbing and of great concern.’ read more

How The Web Is Predicting Baseballs Hall Of Fame Voting

How The Web Is Predicting Baseballs Hall Of Fame Voting

The Baseball Hall of Fame will announce this year’s voting results Tuesday afternoon, but clever denizens of the Web have a head start on the process. For the past few years, the analytically inclined corner of the sports world (spearheaded by Baseball Think Factory and other sites) have counted the votes from media members who announced their ballots ahead of time — a contingent that includes more than a third of all voters as of Tuesday morning. The most recent projections can be found here.Since the Baseball Hall of Fame Vote Tracker project began in 2009, the early returns have corresponded remarkably well with the voting results:There are some inconsistencies, however. For example, the subset of voters who release their ballots ahead of time tends to align more closely with progressive baseball philosophies, such as the use of advanced metrics and the acceptance of players implicated for using performance-enhancing drugs.That’s why a player such as Mike Piazza, whose legacy has been clouded by vague PED rumors, may fall short of the 75 percent vote threshold needed for induction despite the exit polling listing him near 76 percent Tuesday morning. Or why Tim Raines, who stakes a not-insignificant portion of his claim to the hall on the basis of a strong wins above replacement (WAR) tally, probably won’t exceed the 65 percent mark being predicted by the HoF Tracker.Interestingly, after controlling for WAR and steroid allegations, the voters who fail to make their preferences known ahead of time also have been biased against players whose hall case is unusually tied up in the Hall of Fame Standards metric, which measures career longevity and milestone accumulation. This means non-disclosing voters tend to weigh a player’s peak contributions more heavily than his overall body of work.But even among the known ballots, there are some interesting hints as to how the nonpublic voting will shake out. Noting a rather visually arresting bifurcation among voters, sabermetric impresario Tom Tango has suggested this clustering effect is due to voters being highly polarized on a few hot-button issues. For instance, voters who selected Barry Bonds were very likely to also select Roger Clemens; meanwhile, voting for Fred McGriff or Lee Smith was strongly associated with not putting Bonds or Clemens on a ballot.Those numbers reflect generational differences between voters that will take center stage when we compare the HoF Tracker’s predictions to the voting results.UPDATE (Jan. 6, 3:59 p.m.): On Tuesday afternoon, the Hall of Fame announced that four players had been inducted: Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz and Craig Biggio. The players with the biggest deviations between actual voting percentage and the HoF Tracker’s predictions were Curt Schilling (whose actual share was 12.3 percentage points lower than his predicted share), Mike Mussina (11 percent), Raines (9.9 percent) and Lee Smith (whose actual voting percentage was 9.4 points higher than expected). As expected, Piazza also lost too many votes once the private ballots were accounted for; his voting percentage dropped from 76.2 percent in the final pre-announcement data to 69.9 percent in the overall tally. read more

Mens Hockey Mason Jobst looks to lead Buckeyes back to tournament

Ohio State forward Mason Jobst holds off a Wisconsin forward as he crashes into senior goaltender Matt Tomkins during a Big Ten tournament semifinal game at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. OSU lost 2-1. Credit: Courtesy of Ric KruszynskiIt would seem that this year could potentially be a step back for the No. 19 Ohio State men’s hockey team, but junior forward Mason Jobst is looking to do his part to avoid any possible regression.The Buckeyes come into this season off their first NCAA tournament bid since 2009. But after a first-round overtime loss to then-No. 2 Minnesota-Duluth, the team lost three goalies and much of its top talent, which included captain and forward Nick Schilkey, who led the team in goals with 27. Jobst is returning from a dominant sophomore campaign in which he tallied 19 goals and 36 assists, led the Big Ten in points with 55 and earned second team All-American honors. Now coming into his junior year, Jobst said while he looks to improve, his goals are more team-oriented.“I think it’s just improving on the last year, being more productive than I was last year,“ Jobst said. “It was a tough loss in the first round of the NCAAs and the second round of the [Big Ten tournament], so just trying push to get further in that, and hopefully win the Big Ten Championship and win a national championship.”Western Michigan assistant coach Todd Krygier still remembers the years he spent coaching Jobst with the United States Hockey League’s Muskegon Lumberjacks in junior hockey. He remembers not only the leadership of Jobst, but also the speed, playmaking ability and hockey IQ as standing out on the ice.“His character was off the charts,” Krygier said. “His work ethic, his ability to get along with others and pull a team together and lead a team on and off the ice was absolutely fantastic.”Krygier added that in his time as Jobst’s coach, the now standout forward received little recognition from other teams and that Ohio State was one of the only teams that reached out to him.“I talked to several NCAA teams over the couple years that I coached him, and Ohio State was the only team that listened,” Krygier said. “So congrats to Ohio State, they obviously made a great decision.”Jobst was named captain for the Buckeyes Wednesday. But Krygier said Jobsts’ leadership had been obvious to him for years prior as he was a captain on Muskegon for his final two seasons. “I’ve learned a lot the last couple of years from Nick Schilkey and I think he was a great leader off the ice and on the ice, so it’s just trying to take parts of what he’d done in the past and what I’ve done to get here and try to lead this team to a championship,” Jobst said.Ohio State head coach Steve Rohlik also understood what types of positive qualities Jobst brings to the team in many aspects.“He’s a kid that carries himself on the ice and off the ice, he’s the one that leads our culture and does the right things,” Rohlik said. “When your team looks at a player like that, everybody feeds off it.”Size has always been the concern for Jobst, who stands 5-foot-8, but Krygier said he knew Jobst would overcome any obstacles in his way.“For Mason to produce in the USHL the way he did, and the style he played and the work ethic he had, there was no doubt in my mind that he was going to be an All-American hockey player,” Krygier said.Jobst said players like future NHL Hall of Famer Martin St. Louis, current Calgary Flames wing Johnny Gaudreau, and Columbus Blue Jackets wing Cam Atkinson — all 5-foot-9 or shorter — are succeeding in ways he hopes to one day. Jobst wears the No. 26 because of St. Louis.“[St. Louis] was kind of a guy that started paving the way for smaller guys in the NHL with how hard he worked and how skilled he was,” Jobst said.Jobst and the No. 19 Buckeyes open the regular season with a pair of games on the road against a Big Ten opponent in No. 12 Wisconsin.“We’re getting right after it, playing a team that knocked us out of the Big Ten playoffs last year so I think we’re itching to get in there, and it should be a good atmosphere and a lot of fun,” Jobst said.Rohlik said Jobst is a special kind of player, and one who should only get better in this upcoming season.“As soon as you become satisfied you’re going to get passed up, and Mason’s not the kid that ever gets satisfied,” Rohlik said. read more

Gardaí seek witnesses to Kilkenny armed robbery

first_imgGARDAÍ IN THOMASTOWN, Co. Kilkenny are appealing for witnesses to an armed robbery that took place yesterday evening.At around 5.20pm a lone raider entered the Post Office at Kilmoganny, Co. Kilkenny.He was wearing blue jeans, a hooded top and had a scarf concealing his face.Witnesses say he spoke with an Irish accent and threatened the cashier with a handgun and demanded money.He then escaped on foot with a quantity of cash.Gardaí are appealing for witnesses who were in the Kilmoganny area between 4.30pm and 5.30pm to contact the incident room at Thomastown Garda Station at 056 7754150 or contact the Garda Confidential Line at 1800 666 111.Read: Cash recovered after armed robbery at Killiney Shopping CentreRead: “Large amount” of cash stolen in Monaghan robberylast_img