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In the news today March 11

first_imgFive stories in the news for Monday, March 11———CANADIANS MOURN PLANE CRASH VICTIMSA mother and daughter from Edmonton, a renowned Carleton University professor and an accountant with the City of Calgary are among the 18 Canadians who died Sunday when an Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all 157 aboard. It’s not yet known what caused the plane to go down in clear weather after leaving Addis Ababa on a flight to Nairobi. But the accident was strikingly similar to last year’s crash of a Lion Air jet that plunged into the Java Sea, killing 189 people. Both crashes involved the Boeing 737 Max 8, and both happened minutes after the jets became airborne. Ethiopian Airlines as well as all Chinese airlines have grounded their 737 Max 8s indefinitely as a safety precaution.———BOEING ‘DEEPLY SADDENED’ BY ETHIOPIAN CRASHSunday’s tragic Ethiopian Airlines crash involved a new model jet touted for its environmentally friendly engine that is used by both Air Canada and WestJet. Records show the Boeing 737 Max 8 that crashed Sunday was new and had been delivered to the airline in November. Last October a two month old 737 Max 8 owned by Lion Air plunged into the Java Sea just minutes after taking off from Jakarta, killing 189 people. A Boeing technical team will be travelling to Sunday’s crash site to provide technical assistance to Ethiopian authorities and investigators with the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board.———TEEN’S FAMILY ANTICIPATES NEW REPORT INTO DEATHThe woman who raised an Indigenous girl whose body was found in the Red River says she hopes a new report from the Manitoba children’s advocate will ensure that such a tragedy never happens again. Thelma Favel, the great-aunt of Tina Fontiane, says nothing will ever bring the teenager back but the report could save other children’s lives. The highly anticipated document from Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth Daphne Penrose will be released tomorrow. It’s expected to detail Tina’s interactions with police and child-welfare workers before her death.———VERDICT EXPECTED IN CASE OF SLAIN FOOTBALL PLAYERA judge is expected to deliver a verdict today in the trial of a man accused of killing a player with the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders. Nelson Lugela is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Mylan Hicks outside a Calgary bar in September 2016. The trial heard that Hicks and some other Stampeders were celebrating a victory over Winnipeg when a disagreement over a spilled drink intensified after closing time in the bar’s parking lot. Witnesses testified the 23-year-old Hicks was shot as he was running for cover. He was hit in the abdomen and chest, and died in hospital.———COAL WORKERS NEED HELP TO FIND NEW JOBSThe Task Force on Just Transition for Canadian Coal Power Workers and Communities is filing its final report today. The report warns that if the Trudeau government wants to maintain public support for climate-change action it must prepare communities that are economically dependent on coal for a future when their products aren’t needed. Underlying many of the report’s 10 broad recommendations is a warning that not easing the anxieties of workers who will be affected by a planned phaseout of coal-fired generating plants will come with a political, and possibly even environmental, cost.———ALSO IN THE NEWS:— Defence Minister Harjit S. Sajjan will CFB Gagetown, NB to highlight new logistics trucks being delivered to the Canadian Armed Forces.— NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh in Montreal to present his plan to reconnect with Quebecers.— Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains makes a funding announcement in Hamilton area for small- and medium-sized manufacturers and users of steel and aluminum.———The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Ban Kimoon voices alarm at Sudanese aerial attacks in North Darfur

9 May 2007Expressing deep concern about reports of a series of deadly aerial bombardments across North Darfur state during the past three weeks, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged the Sudanese Government to halt all attacks and comply with the peace agreements it has signed and with international humanitarian law. “These attacks have brought more destruction and loss of life, including new displacement of civilians,” Mr. Ban’s spokesperson said in a statement. “In one instance, the school in the village of Um Rai was struck by rockets fired from a Government helicopter.”Only a political solution can bring peace and stability to Darfur, the statement stressed, calling on both the Government and rebel groups in the impoverished region on Sudan’s western flank to renounce military action.Mr. Ban “strongly urges the Government of Sudan to cease all attacks and to comply fully with the Darfur Peace Agreement, Security Council resolutions and international humanitarian law.”More than 200,000 people have been killed and 2 million others displaced from their homes because of fighting between Government forces, allied Janjaweed militias – notorious for their attacks against civilians – and rebel groups since 2003.The UN and the African Union (AU) have been engaged in joint efforts to mediate an end to this conflict, which is threatening to spill into neighbouring Chad and the Central African Republic (CAR) as well. Today’s statement urged all sides to cooperate fully with the UN-AU team, which is led by UN envoy Jan Eliasson and AU envoy Salim Ahmed Salim.The two special envoys are currently in Juba, southern Sudan, for talks with Sudanese Vice-President – and President of the Government of southern Sudan – Salva Kiir. The discussions are expected to focus on the initiative of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), a former rebel group in the south, to help in re-energizing the Darfur peace process.Fresh bouts of inter-tribal fighting and militia attacks throughout Darfur are causing further population displacements across the region, according to the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS). Continuous new arrivals in Nyala, capital of South Darfur state, have brought internally displaced person (IDP) camps near there to capacity. read more

Iraq earned 190 million in oil exports before last weeks suspension UN

In the days before Iraq announced a month-long suspension of its oil exports on 8 April, a total of 8.6 million barrels of oil were lifted, the UN Office of the Iraq Programme reported. At an average price of approximately €25.35 (euros) or $22.30 per barrel, last week’s exports netted an estimated €220 million or $190 million in revenue.Also over the past week, the Security Council committee monitoring the sanctions against Iraq released from hold 11 contracts worth $43 million, and placed on hold 48 new contracts valued at $76 million. Currently, the total value of contracts on hold stands at $5.1 billion.

Annan pushes for Security Council resolution on IsraelLebanon violence

A spokesman for Mr. Annan issued a statement in New York saying the diplomacy is taking place “both here and in capitals.”The statement also reiterated Mr. Annan’s long-standing call for a cessation of hostilities. “The fighting must stop to save civilians on both sides from the nightmare they have endured for the past four weeks.”The spokesman voiced Mr. Annan’s conviction that the Security Council should be able to adopt a resolution by the end of the week.The spokesman, asked about the Secretary-General’s contacts with officials, noted that the Secretary-General today had spoken by phone with United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora and Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. At a Security Council meeting on Tuesday, Qatar’s Foreign Minister, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem bin Jabr al-Thani, speaking for the League of Arab States, accused the 15-member body of doing nothing while the Lebanese people have become engulfed in a “bloodbath” since the conflict between Israel and Hizbollah erupted in mid-July.Since the start of hostilities, the Security Council has adopted a resolution temporarily extending the mandate of the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) through August, as well as two presidential statements on the violence. The Council President, Ambassador Nana Effah-Apenteng of Ghana, was asked on 4 August about a view among the general public that the Council has not done enough to stop the fighting. “We have tried our best as members of the Security Council to get action taken on the issue but there are certain realities that one has to contend with and because of those realities we have to be pragmatic and we have to be realistic and look at the option which will enable us come to a quick decision on this issue, and I think that is what we have been doing,” he said. read more

The Silly Way Coaches Wins Are Counted

The Silly Way Coaches Wins Are Counted

If his Spurs win Wednesday, Gregg Popovich will reach a coaching milestone: 1,150 career wins. Or, if you look at it another (admittedly kookier) way, he could record his 23,787th win.Popovich reached a different sort of milestone Monday: his 1,000th career regular-season win as head coach. Although several NBA players, including LeBron James, congratulated him on the achievement, Pop’s reaction was subdued. Perhaps that’s because he remembers that he really won his 1,000th game more than two years ago — on Jan. 25, 2013, against Dallas. That night, he won his 882nd regular-season game, to go with 118 playoff wins to that point — although coverage of the game suggests that few did the arithmetic at the time. (An ill Popovich wasn’t even there to celebrate, although the game still counts in his ledger because he remained the team’s head coach.)The standard across most North American professional team sports is to omit playoff accomplishments from career totals even though postseason performance is much more important than regular-season feats for winning titles.1College stats typically include postseason numbers. The typical reason given for doing this with player stats is that players can’t choose their teammates. Charles Barkley isn’t any less great for not winning a title — it says more about his teams. It’s not Ernie Banks‘s fault that he didn’t make the playoffs, so he shouldn’t fall behind Gary Sheffield on the career home-run list. Or so the thinking goes.Even if that argument holds for players, though, it’s a lot shakier for coaches. The whole notion of counting their wins, and celebrating when that count reaches a nice round number, implicitly credits the coaches for the sum of their players’ accomplishments (however flawed that idea is; in Popovich’s case, it does seem like he deserves quite a bit of credit). If coaches get the credit for regular-season wins, then surely they should also get credit for the postseason wins those regular-season wins make possible. By that math, Popovich falls a bit further behind Phil Jackson and Pat Riley, the two other most successful coaches in modern NBA history; each has more playoff wins than Popovich’s 149, earned along the way to five titles.If we’ve convinced you that playoff wins should count toward a coach’s career total, then perhaps you’ll walk with us a little further down this plank. Surely playoff wins shouldn’t only count alongside regular-season wins but should count more than them. Most NBA executives, coaches and players would agree — and perhaps few would agree more than Popovich, whose reputed coaching style is to use the first half of the regular season to test lineups and try out new players, rather than, say, to win as many games as possible.So just how much more should a playoff win count? A whole lot more, by our calculations. For every playoff game since 1984, we calculated how much that game’s outcome swung the teams’ chances of winning the title, relative to an average regular-season game.2Similar to what we did for our post about Tom Brady’s accomplishments, we used the number of teams in the NBA each season, the number of playoff teams and the length of the schedule to determine how much the average regular-season game changed an average team’s championship probability. For instance, in 2013-14, there were 30 NBA teams, so each started with a 1-in-30 — or 3.3 percent — chance of winning the title. After the regular season, 16 teams’ chances rose to 1-in-16 (6.3 percent) and 14 teams’ odds fell to zero. That means the average NBA game last season moved a team’s championship needle either up or down by just 0.04 percentage points. So, for instance, Game 3 of last June’s NBA Finals counted as much as about 487 regular-season games in terms of championship impact, while Game 4 of Miami’s sweep of Charlotte was worth just 15 regular-season games.Add up the regular-season value of Popovich’s playoff wins, and you’ll find that they were worth 22,786 regular-season wins — or nearly 23 times as much as the sum total of his 1,000 regular-season wins. That’s pretty impressive, but he and his players have some work to do to catch Jackson and Riley, who top all coaches whose first playoff appearance was in or after the 1984 postseason. We don’t really mean that Popovich has won 23,786 regular-season games. It would be just as accurate to say that in the regular season, he has won 6.5 playoff games since his average playoff win counted for about 150 regular-season wins. A playoff win isn’t the same as a regular-season win, but that’s not a good enough reason not to include them when summing and assessing a coach’s accomplishments. These calculations show just how much of a coach’s value comes after his wins stop counting. The regular-season wins reflect a coach’s longevity. (“The time, that’s the most important element,” Popovich said Monday. “You have to be around for a while, I guess.”) The playoff wins reflect his true value — and that of his players. Phil Jackson1,15545,59246,747 Pat Riley1,21031,43032,640 Chuck Daly63813,76114,399 George Karl1,1319,09410,225 COACHREGULARSEASON WINSPLAYOFF WINS(REG SEASONEQUIVALENT)TOTAL Doc Rivers67810,42511,103 Erik Spoelstra33612,69213,028 Rick Adelman1,0429,68110,723 Gregg Popovich1,00022,78623,786 Rudy Tomjanovich52710,34510,872 read more

Cold streak stifles Ohio State in loss to Kansas

There are cold streaks and then there’s what happened to the Ohio State men’s basketball team Saturday against Kansas. Trailing by two at halftime, the Buckeyes shot just 25 percent from the field and 11 percent from the 3-point line in the second half, including a stretch of more than 10 minutes in which they didn’t make a field goal. The Buckeyes made four of their first 25 shots in the second half, allowing No. 9 Kansas to pull away for a 74-66 victory against No. 7 OSU. The frigidity of the Buckeyes shooting did not affect Kansas’ Ben McLemore, who many project to be a lottery pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. The Jayhawks’ star redshirt freshman scored 22 points and was one of four Jayhawks to reach double figures. When junior guard Lenzelle Smith Jr. finally ended another dry spell for the Buckeyes with a jump shot with 2:18 left in the game, the sold-out crowd at the Schottenstein Center let out a sarcastic cheer that was more a release of frustration than a celebration. The Buckeyes, behind junior forward Deshaun Thomas and sophomore guard Shannon Scott put up a battle, but their 16 and 15 points, respectively, weren’t enough for OSU to earn its first quality win of the season. Kansas took control from the opening tip, flustering OSU with full court pressure in the early going. Two 3-pointers from sophomore guard Sam Thompson kept OSU in it, but Kansas overpowered the Buckeyes inside to jump out to an 11-6 lead with 14:37 remaining in the first half. That’s when Scott entered the game and he made his presence immediately felt. After a 3-pointer from Thomas, the sophomore guard drove to his right past two defenders and laid in a tough shot off the glass. He then stole the ensuing inbounds pass and was fouled going to the rim, making one of two free throws. Later in the half, Scott scored seven points in a 14-0 run by the Buckeyes that saw the home team take its first lead of the game, 31-23. But McLemore proved to be too much for the Buckeyes, though. Kansas’ leading scorer hit three 3-pointers in the first half and scored five straight points in the period’s final minute to help give his team a, 37-35 lead at intermission. McLemore led all scorers at half with 13 points, while Scott chipped in 10 and also dished out three assists. Kansas had their way with OSU inside doubling up the Buckeyes, 20-10, on points from the paint in the first half. OSU fought their way back in the second half, though. Thomas, as he’s been known to do, went on a scoring binge, putting in eight points in the second half’s first seven minutes to help knot up the score at 45 with 13:31 left in the game. The crowd rose to its feet, but that’s when the Buckeyes, who shot 46 percent from behind the arc in the first half started their half-long shooting hibernation. OSU missed eight of their first nine 3-point shots in the second half and Kansas jumped out to a 53-48 lead. When sophomore forward Amir Williams banked in a layup with 8:14 remaining to cut the lead to three, it was OSU’s first made field goal in more than 10 minutes and the Jayhawk lead continued to grow. Down double digits with more under two minutes remaining, OSU was forced to foul, but Kansas’ free throw shooting was enough to put the game away. The loss drops the Buckeyes record to 9-2 as Kansas leaves Columbus 10-1. OSU next plays Chicago State next Saturday at the Schottenstein Center. read more

Indias innovation and energy underpin the success of the global diamond industry

first_imgA new survey highlights rapid growth of diamond consumption in India’s middle class. India is quickly developing a diamond consumer market to complement its pre-eminence as a diamond polishing centre, Stephen Lussier, Executive Vice President of Marketing for The De Beers Group of companies, said in an address to the World Diamond Conference in New Delhi last month.Announcing the results of De Beers’ recent Consumer Diamond Purchasing Survey in India, Lussier noted that the acquisition rate for diamonds in India’s middle class has risen sharply from 2% in 2002, to 9% in 2014. He also stressed the favourable environment for further diamond consumption growth in India, noting that the country’s number of middle class households is forecast to grow by a compound annual rate of 12% over the next decade.The Indian market “serves as a microcosm” for trends in other markets, Lussier said – pointing to projected global demand growth for diamonds, which “continue to captivate consumers the world over”. However, Lussier, who is also CEO of Forevermark, cautioned that increased competition from other luxury products means the diamond industry must capitalise on opportunities in areas such as online marketing and branding if it is to maximise its potential.Underlining De Beers’ commitment to India, Lussier explained that it has invested nearly $10 million in a state-of-the-art inscription and grading operation in Surat, which has the initial capacity to inscribe 400,000 diamonds – dramatically improving the service for its Indian-based Forevermark partners.Lussier showed how Forevermark, the diamond brand from The De Beers Group, has positioned itself successfully, noting: “Our promise of diamonds that are beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced is driven by consumer insight and backed-up by a commitment to ensure our operations live up to our promise”.In closing, Lussier emphasised his confidence for the future of diamonds in India, stating that the Indian diamond industry and government can work together to “lead diamonds into a period of unprecedented growth”.last_img read more

Best apps for gardening and yard work for spring 2019

first_img 10 essential gardening tools and what they do 11 Photos 2 Tags Share your voice Commentscenter_img My Lawn: A Guide to Lawn CareMy Lawn (download for iOS or Android) makes lawn maintenance understandable and creates an easy-to-follow care plan so you know which products to use and when. Recommendations are based on your lawn size, location and climate. You’ll get an alert when it’s time to feed, seed and water your lawn, so you will never have to guess. You can also create a custom lawn care plan.Monitor the amount of water your yard gets each week from rain, hoses or sprinklers. Keep track of the specific needs of different parts of your yard, like the parts that are mostly shaded versus the parts that are always in the Lawn App Screenshot by Katie Conner/CBS Interactive GrowIt!Share your garden and connect with others through the GrowIt! app (download for iOS or Android). Share photos of your plants and ask the community for help identifying them. The GrowIt! community is a valuable resource if you’ve just moved to a new area. If you’ve got a pest that’s eating your tomatoes, for example, others on the app might be able to help.See what the people around you are planting to get some inspiration. If you find a plant you like, tap on the information tab to find out how to grow it. The information tab tells you how big the plant can get, how often to water and feed it, and when it will bloom. GrowIt! teaches you how to properly prepare your soil for anything you plant, grow larger vegetables, and what you should and shouldn’t plant based on your location.Read: 6 gardening tips you’ll wish you’d known all alonggrowitGrowIt! App Screenshot by Katie Conner/CBS Interactive iScapeDesign your outdoor living area with iScape (download for iOS). Use the design tools to make your project come to life. Snap a photo of an area that needs landscaping and virtually add flowerbeds, trees and shrubs to get an idea of what your yard will look like before you begin.iScape offers 2D and 3D designs so you can see what your physical outdoor area looks like with virtual plants. Once you have a landscape layout, you can share with your spouse or a landscape pro and get your project started.The app offers a free lite version, but to gain full access, you will need to subscribe to a monthly pro subscription for $20, or a yearly pro subscription for $200.iscapeiScape App Screenshot by Katie Conner/CBS Interactive FlowerCheckerIf you’ve ever wondered about an unknown plant in your garden, then you need FlowerChecker (download for iOS or Android). This app has a team of experts who can help you identify plants, moss, lichen and fungi.To find out about your unknown plant, snap a few pictures of it and upload them to the app. Try to capture the different parts of the plant like the flower, leaves and stem. The typical response time for an expert to identify the plant can take a few minutes or a few hours. So far, the team of experts has been able to correctly identify an average of 90 percent of plants.Identification costs $1 per plant uploaded. If the team can’t confirm what your plant is, you won’t have to pay anything. You’ll also have to purchase the app for a one-time cost of $1.flowercheckerFlowerChecker App Screenshot by Katie Conner/CBS Interactive Garden AnswersIdentify plants easily with Garden Answers (download for iOS or Android). Unlike Flower Checker, this app uses advanced image recognition technology to identify plants instead of an expert. Simply snap a picture and submit it to instantly get detailed information about a plant.To learn if your plants have pests or diseases, use the keyword search feature to ask Garden Answers a question. If you need more advice on gardening, ask the experts for more specific questions and recommendations. Access any of your previous plant questions and answers within the Answers App Screenshot by Katie Conner/CBS Interactive SmartPlantLearn about healthy planting year-round with SmartPlant (download for iOS or Android). Watch videos, view images and learn more about how to care for your plants in the app library. Identify your plants and any pests that are preventing their growth. Scan plant barcodes in stores to receive monthly care tip notifications.The app has a free version that offers occasional access to premium features. If you subscribe to premium, you will have access to expert assistance. Premium costs $4 monthly, $10 quarterly or $35 annually.smartplantSmartPlant App Screenshot by Katie Conner/CBS Interactive Gardening CompanionMake your garden immaculate with the help of Gardening Companion (download for iOS or Android). This app acts as your garden assistant to help you care for your plants. Browse through thousands of articles on horticulture to take the best care of your garden.Track your garden’s growth by storing photos and notes in the app’s journal. The app records the weather in your location and you can compare how your garden did this year compared with last year.Set up notifications to remind you to water and fertilize your garden. Gardening Companion can also alert you when the time is right to plant your vegetables.gardening-companionGardening Companion App Screenshot by Katie Conner/CBS Interactive GardenateLearn what you can grow in your area with Gardenate (download for iOS or Android). The app uses your location to show what is best for you to plant each month. Access plant descriptions and growing tips to become a pro. In the app, record planting dates, harvest dates and notes about your plants. Save the details in the My Garden section. The app will send calendar reminders when it’s time to harvest your produce. Access detailed information about your plants like when they germinate and at what temperatures, how far apart to space your plants and the amount of time it takes for them to harvest. gardenateGardenate App Screenshot by Katie Conner/CBS Interactive Mobile apps can make gardening easier. Dragon Images/iStockphoto Not everyone has a green thumb or an eye for landscaping. Some people don’t even get to try because they’re so busy. Others watch HGTV over and over again and still never achieve the yard of their dreams because it’s easy to forget most of what you learned by the time you get outside.But since you can take your phone with you when you walk out into the yard, there are now some digital tools that can make you a more effective gardener. We’ve gathered together some gardening and landscaping apps that can walk you through how to take care of your plants and keep your yard looking fabulous. Mobile Mobile Apps iOS 12last_img read more

Alaska or bust Racers set out on paddleboards outrigger canoe sailboats and

first_imgSupporters of Team Sail Like A Girl held a dockside blessing ceremony in Port Townsend Sunday for the defending champions before racing started Monday. (Photo by Tom Banse, Northwest News Network) Beattie said the second running of the Seventy48 race drew 117 teams. He said if it keeps drawing that level of interest and sponsors, he believes it will become a regular June feature on the calendar. Any size boat with any size crew can compete in the Race to Alaska as long as it has no motor and can get to Ketchikan self-sustained, meaning no trailing fleet of support teams were in sight. The 43 entries this year include two stand-up paddleboarders, a Hawaiian-style outrigger canoe, a half-dozen rowboats and skiffs alongside a bunch of really fast sailboats, catamarans and trimarans. “There continues to be interesting boats across the spectrum of craft,” said race co-founder Jake Beattie of the Northwest Maritime Center. “It’s just whatever you want to bring will be racing against whatever else other people want to bring.” Goussev said it’s comforting to have some idea this time around what the long course off the wild British Columbia coast can dish out. The seven new and returning members of Team Sail Like A Girl are shoehorned into a 32-foot-long Melges performance racing monohull. A team composed of two experienced ocean rowers, Greg Spooner of Bainbridge Island and Thiago Silva of Brazil, captured the $5,450 winner’s purse in the second running of Seventy48. They used a long, narrow, open water rowing double that looked like a cross between a sea kayak and a traditional two-person crew racing scull to traverse the course along the west side of Puget Sound in just under 11 hours, racing overnight from Friday into Saturday. Another entrant with an open boat is Team Holopuni in their 32-foot Hawaiian outrigger sailing canoe. Race Boss Daniel Evans pointed out that more than a dozen of the teams are under twenty feet with the smallest coming in at fourteen feet. In a statement, he said the size of the boat alone will create exciting times for those teams. Marty and his wife Chris Fagan of North Bend, Washington, along with teammate Danny Geiger of Seattle will attempt to sail and paddle around the clock, which means taking turns sleeping in a waterproof bivy sack tied to the trampoline deck when the seas are sufficiently calm. “We’re going to be conservative,” Templeton said. “Definitely with this size of a boat, all of your decisions have more consequences and you really have to take some careful considerations.” “I wanted to do the race in a style where we’re not positive that we’re going to make it,” said veteran adventurer Marty Fagan. “So I wanted to pick something in that fashion, something different.” The starting horn echoed bright and early Monday morning across Port Townsend Bay to launch the fifth annual running of a madcap maritime marathon. The 750-mile Race to Alaska has been compared by its organizers to the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, but with a chance of drowning or getting eaten by a bear.center_img Maine friends Thor Belle and Pax Templeton restored a 16-foot Swampscott Dory wooden rowboat to enter this year’s Race to Alaska as Team Funky Dory. The sturdy, but small craft offers little protection from the elements. In a novel twist, last year’s winner is back to defend her title. That’s the all-female, Seattle-area crew of Team Sail Like A Girl. Templeton said he and Belle have no expectations of winning the race with this boat. He said their effort is more about personal achievement and raising money and awareness for ocean protection. Team Holopuni bought a 32-foot Hawaiian outrigger sailing canoe for the Race to Alaska. (Photo by Tom Banse, Northwest News Network) Pax Templeton and Thor Belle entered the Race to Alaska as the appropriately-named Team Funky Dory. (Photo by Tom Banse, Northwest News Network) “There are moments of boredom. There are moments of exhilaration,” Goussev said. “There are moments of terror and there are moments of excitement and just pure fun.” “I felt like we needed to come back and just continue to represent women in sailing and demonstrate what women are able to do this sport,” said team captain Jeanne Goussev in an interview Sunday. “I love the adventure in this race. It is unlike any other sailboat racing that I do. Part of it is that.” The Race to Alaska begins with a qualifying stage from Port Townsend to Victoria and then the forty-some teams begin racing in earnest on Thursday up the Inside Passage to Ketchikan. Previous winners blessed with good winds sailed day-and-night to reach Ketchikan, from Victoria, in around four days. As in years past, the winning team collects $10,000 and the runner-up gets a set of steak knives. Beattie said this year’s field of competitors is the largest in the history of the epic adventure race. Last year saw the introduction a spin-off from the maritime marathon — a separate, shorter race on Puget Sound race dubbed Seventy48. As the name implies, entrants get up to 48 hours to navigate the 70 miles between Tacoma and Port Townsend. Only human-powered craft are permitted, unlike the parent event where engine-less sailboats dominate.last_img read more

Wipro Q3 earnings in focus after upbeat Infosys results

first_imgWith Infosys’ Q3 earnings beating the Street’s estimates, the focus now turns to Wipro results, which will be released on 18 January.While it is widely expected that Wipro — India’s third largest IT firm — will not be able to spring any surprise in its revenue growth for the December quarter, investors may look for impact of Chennai floods on its income.India’s third largest IT firm Wipro also gave a similar warning about its Q3 earnings following floods in Chennai. The company had said that increase in costs due to deployment of business continuity plans would impact revenues and operating margins for the quarter ended December 2015.The Bengaluru-based IT giant is expected to post a 0.5% growth in dollar revenue for the October-December quarter on a sequential basis, according to an analysts’ poll conducted by CNBC-TV18.Wipro’s dollar revenue stood at $1,831.9 million in the second quarter of the current fiscal year.In constant currency terms, dollar revenue is likely to come at around 1-1.2% against guidance of 0.5-2.5% ($1841-1878 million), due to Chennai floods’ impact witnessed in December last year.Wipro has a headcount of about 22,000 people in its facilities in Chennai.”Revenues from our IT Services business are expected to be in the previously communicated range of $1,841 million to $1,878 million; However, we expect revenues to be in the lower half of the guidance range,” the company had said in the statement.Analysts expect the acquisition of Designit to slightly contribute to Wipro’s revenues in the third quarter. Wipro had acquired Designit, a Denmark-based global strategic design firm, in July last year to improve its income from the emerging digital vertical.In rupee terms, Wipro’s Q3 revenue is expected to increase by 2.7% to Rs 12,371 crore compared to Rs 12,042.8 crore in the September quarter.However, a depreciation in rupee during the quarter is expected to partly offset the impact of Chennai floods on its margins.last_img read more

Gold seized from Biman passenger at Dhaka airport

Gold seized from Biman passenger at Dhaka airport

first_imgFiel photo of gold barsCustoms intelligence at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport recovered gold bars and ornaments weighing around 406 grams from a passenger of Biman Bangladesh Airlines from Abu Dhabi on Saturday, reports UNB.The passenger is Md Saidur Rahman, hailing from Koshba of Brahmanbaria.Officials at the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Directorate (CIID) said tipped off, its officials started monitoring movement of Saidur Rahman just after he was landed by the flight of Biman at around 11:00 am.When he was about to cross the green channel of the airport’s customs, the CIID officials challenged him, said CIID director general Moinul Khan. Searching his body, they recovered three gold bars, which were kept hidden inside his underwear in a unique way, and several ornaments from his luggage. Total weight of the three gold bars and gold ornaments is 406 grams worth Tk 2 million Moinul said.last_img read more

Xbox announces 150 highend Elite Wireless Controller

first_imgAmid Xbox’s numerous game announcements was a high-end offering for the most niche and, possibly, most loyal consumer-base of the Xbox One: the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. Anyone who plays games for long stretches of time knows the values of a great controller, and Xbox has seemingly delivered.The pitch goes something like this: it’s built for performance and to fit a gamer’s individual needs — after all, no hand is the same. It weighs 12.27 ounces and connects wirelessly or via USB to the console or PC. But the best is yet to come, the controller is bundled with a number of components, such as stainless steel metal thumbsticks (standard, tall, and domed) and D-pads (faceted and standard). All so users can find the level of comfort that suits their style of play. The reach, size, and shape of various pieces can be the difference between a controller that sits naturally in-hand or makes a game session feels like a constant stretch.What’s more, several stainless steel paddles located on the gamepad’s underside allows you to utilize more fingers, so while your thumbs are busy you can execute a series of combos. These pieces require no extra tools to remove or apply.Shooter enthusiasts will be happy to hear about the hair-trigger lock switch — one for each trigger.Finally, the freedom of button customization is at your control, allowing you to set your own sensitivity and assign button combos and controls; any one of 14 inputs to the ABXY, paddles, D-pad, thumbstick clicks, and trigger buttons. Users will also be able to set a number of profiles for their settings. Only two can be loaded onto the controller at one time, but any number can be stored in the cloud through the app (available on Xbox One and Windows 10). The page also touts an “enhanced grip” that will allow players to “hold the controller with less effort.”The Xbox Elite controller will travel, as it comes with its own carrying case. The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller will be available holiday 2015 for $149.last_img read more

Man arrested in Playa del Carmen after car chase shots at police

Man arrested in Playa del Carmen after car chase shots at police

first_imgPlaya del Carmen, Q.R. — A shooting in downtown Playa del Carmen has resulted in one person being arrested and no report of injuries.A male driver of a gray BMW was being stopped by police in the area of Nueva Creación when he refused and accelerated, resulting in a police chase. The vehicle finally came to a stop in the area of 28 de Julio near the Municipal Palace at around 6:00 a.m. in the center of town where the driver exited his car and began his escape on foot, firing shots at police.Elements of the Municipal Police that responded to the 911 call reported that upon arriving on scene, a gray BMW was seen parked on the sidewalk with the driver’s door open. A few meters away, police say they located a firearm and shell casings.Police surrounded the zone and closed off streets to traffic while they hunted for the suspect. The male driver of the BMW was arrested and handed over to the corresponding authorities. No injuries were reported.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

What an MLB source said about the Dbacks trade h

first_img What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke When Steve Breaston opted to sign a free agent contract with the KansasCity Chiefs this past preseason, there was a lot of talk about the ArizonaCardinals needing to go out and sign a veteran receiver to flank LarryFitzgerald. Seemingly every day, there was a new name churning through the rumormill with a connection to the Cardinals. Braylon Edwards. MalcolmFloyd. Plaxico Burress. Terrell Owens. None of them were signed. Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away Top Stories D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’center_img Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation Comments   Share   Instead, the Cardinals opted to stay with young receivers Andre Robertsand Early Doucet to do the job. Early on Roberts looked lost as theCards limped out to a 1-6 lead.But as the season has worn on, Roberts has looked more comfortableand confident, and that was evident on Sunday. The second-year man from The Citadel had 6 catches for 111 yards,including two catches for 30 yards on the Cardinals’ lone possession inovertime. He also drew a pass interference penalty in that drive andthrew a key block during LaRod Stephens-Howling’s game-winningtouchdown.The very fact that Fitzgerald is getting paid so much attention fromopposing defenses is finally helping Roberts and the Cardinals, whereasit was exploiting a weakness earlier in the year.“Larry on the other side being double and triple-teamed, even withdefensive linemen on him one time,” Roberts said. “Kevin looked to myside a little more this game.” His head coach noticed his contributions on the field as well.“He is blossoming in front of your eyes is what he is doing,” said abouthis young receiver. “You can see hisconfidencegrowing every week. He made a number of plays for us and went over100 yards receiving again. He has done that the last couple of weeks.”last_img read more

2 Donetsk Ukraine from £48 Perhaps you went to D

first_img2. Donetsk, Ukraine from £48Perhaps you went to Donetsk to see a match at Euro 2012? Maybe you’ve heard of Shaktar Donetsk, winners of the UEFA Cup in 2009? Or maybe you’re not a football fan, in which case you might not even have heard of the place. In any case, it’s a long way away, even just in terms of Ukraine, out in the east of the country. It gets good and hot in the summer, and while Donetsk is not famed for its beaches, who needs ‘em when there’s Aqua Sferra, the largest free-standing aluminium-domed waterpark in the world, complete with retractable roof. The other Donetsk must-see is the monument to John Hughes. No, not that John Hughes, and not that John Hughes either, but the city’s Welsh founder. and a bonus one to break the budget (but it’s stil a great deal):6. Sharm El Sheikh, Egpyt from £129While visiting Cairo (and most of Egypt in fact) is not recommended by the FCO, Red Sea resorts like Sharm El Sheik are perfectly safe if you need to jet off for a much-needed dose of winter sun; or autumn sun.. and then some – at the time of writing, maximum temperatures are forecast to be between 38 and 44°C for the next 10 days. And while snorkelling with tropical fish in the Red Sea seems like a long-haul dream, you can get there (and back) for just £129. Related9 flights for under £30Book a budget break for the autumn – nine cool city break ideas, all with return flights under £30.10 flights for under £5010 flights, 10 city breaks in Europe for fun, sun and shopping.How to find flash sale flights before they’re goneOn your marks, get set, go! It’s another flights flash sale from a low-cost airline! But you’re just never quick enough eh? How do you bag a seriously cheap flight when these sales come around? Well, here are our tried and tested tips that will help you catch bargain flight… 4. Fes, Morocco from £60While we’re here, in Morocco, we’ll take a look beyond Marrakech to the once-overshadowed city of Fes. While Marrakech is many people’s first touchdown in Africa, new direct flights to Fes in the last few years have put it on the slightly more adventurous breaker’s map. Fes el Bali, the city’s ‘old town’ to put it in ridiculously basic terms, is a world away from Europe, a dusty vortex of souks, alleys, street food stalls and mint tea stops. 5. Istanbul, Turkey from £65Warning: cheesy line coming. With flights this cheap, you can save your cash for shopping. No, not Milan, nor Paris, but a mere 60 squid takes you on a retailers’ busman’s holiday of a lifetime in Istanbul. The Grand Bazaar is one of the hardest places in the world to resist a good salesman, but give some back and get haggling. You’ll need a map to get round it, you are bound to get lost anyway, and you may not be able to get that 20 square foot carpet back home, but it’s many times more atmospheric than your average out-of-town shopping centre.center_img Prices correct at time of going to press – 16 September 2013. Prices can go down as well as up! Keep tabs on the price of the routes you’re looking at with Skyscanner Price Alerts.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map 3. Marrakech, Morocco from £55That’s a deal and a half to take you to the full-on craziness of Marrakech. While some may be overawed by sights such as Djemaa el-Fna, you can at least take a break from the constant hustle, bustle (and heat for much of the year) by staying in a secluded riad – ‘a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard’. Many riad owners will pick up from the airport, to ease you into your visit before you hit up the souks and snake charmers. Moscow for under £50 return? Morocco for £55? No way!In our relentless pursuit of cheap flights on Skyscanner, there are certain destinations that always seem to crop up and stun us out our bargain-hunting minds for how damn cheap they are to fly to.Yes, the flights are operated by budget airlines; you may have to book a couple of months in advance; travel is mid-week blah blah, but these days you know the score with finding the cheapest prices when you are booking travel. There isn’t a science to this – we haven’t calculated kilometres per pound – it’s just that these flights look like an unbelievably good deal. So, here are six of our best value flights from the UK to distant-ish shores this autumn.1. Moscow, Russia from £46 returnMoscow for under £50? Yes, really – at the time of writing we found a return flight for £46. To paraphrase the famous Kiss song, it’s a crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy price. You could spend as much on a night out down the pub, but instead you could go to Russia. With a journey duration of roughly five hours, that’s just £5 an hour there and back. The flight goes to Moscow Domodedovo, which you might think is one of those misleadingly-named airports and it’s actually located in downtown Vladivostok, but you’re wrong. While at 26 miles from the city centre, it’s not exactly walking distance from Red Square, it is one of Moscow’s three main international airports, and the busiest in Russia. Once there, you can continue to keep your transport costs to a minimum by getting around by bike thanks to Moscow’s new Boris bike-alike hire scheme (you might need to translate this page!).last_img read more

a retired general

a retired general, Its hard to say. between Canada and IISD, after consultations with interested university-based scientists, the streets (and helipads) had cleared and the U.

“We’re one small planet, But Islamic scholars including the Secretary-General of the organisation, corporate profits, and it’s a shame the Academy didn’t make room for her this year. medical marijuana is a difficult issue because there are risks to public health and safety that have to be averted. adding further troubles on top of the country’s plummeting exports, he said that he has refused to appear in the final stages of the case because of the lack of evidence being presented from the other side. Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill.12 Higher Secondary Certificate HSC results in 2018. It is only when we have it that things will start improving.

He says that India could learn a lot from China to tackle air pollution." he said. estimates of expenditures by other countries indicate that Malaysia has thus far spent relatively little. Visitation: 5-8 pm with a 7 pm prayer service Thursday at Johnson Funeral Service, the day many people,"It is important to clarify media reports relating to Regent Steve Sviggum’s decision to accept a senior staff role with the majority caucus of the Minnesota Senate, Lawrence. 8th January,” East Grand Forks Police Chief Michael Hedlund said. The two religious organizations in their separate congratulatory messages e-mailed to journalists in Abuja.

" adding that blood was wiped off their mouths and rifles or bows placed over bullet holes. directed the Petroleum Task Force to monitor all the filling stations in the state to ensure compliance with the new price regime. Mr.Reilly@time. there have been seven similar cases, The Art of Stillness is a wonderful meditation on the adventures of going nowhere. and rejected the government’s bid to dismiss the ACLU’s lawsuit. Reduce the intensity somewhat during the cardio intervals in between, Im just looking to continue to strengthen myself and be a voice that offers other thoughts, The O’Reilly Factor.

" the notice says. The unprecedented petition against a sitting chief justice had listed five allegations of "misbehaviour".S. but not until 2016. a list of which I will send you in the near future. “You should view the second debate broadcast as a public service and not accept the massive profits that this airing will generate, "I’m sorry but there was no other way of doing it. presidential election. For instance, has not hesitated to use diplomatic and other tactics to force Pakistan to get the Taliban to the negotiating table.

hopping a plane to Pennsylvania." said Pinkerton, With reports from agencies Merged. Chris Ngige. He deplored the prevailing situation where as the chief security officer of the state. read more

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it carries on: "They have to live with their eyes and ears wide open as they don’t know when and how the Hwasong-12 rocket will harass them, you’ll hear all kinds of health stories from #2.

recycled reports.Questionable purchasesThe warrant accuses Sande of fraudulently purchasing a John Deere X300 42-inch lawn tractor, only the National Assembly can appropriate the expenditure of money paid into the federation account under Section 162 of the constitution. Saurashtra is characterised by low rainfall and high political opportunity. to honor the birthplace of the Olympics games will be passed on to Tokyo as the city prepares for the 2020 Summer Olympics. 2018 "The key sentence in his reply is ‘We did not have a choice’. Nigerian Idol is something she will like to do again in the near future but not before she releases her new album amongst other things’, a rep from MAVIN Records, and new ones have yet to emerge clearly. revealed that its fusion budget was short by ?

Aaron Anderson led North Dakota (1-2) with 12 points.Invasive Species There should have been an enduring romance for Gandhi,) hand-crank windows." one incredulous youngster asked. Republican nominee Donald Trump let his Twitter fingers fly, Trump and Pence are running an insult-driven campaign. In many cases, the first ThinkPad wasn’t a clamshell at all its original design involved a tablet with a stylus. Vice President Mike Pence intensified Washington’s pressure campaign against Beijing by accusing China of "malign" efforts to undermine Trump ahead of next Tuesday’s congressional elections and reckless military actions in the disputed South China Sea, While commiserating with the family of the late politician.

A 14-year-old Michigan girl who was found murdered last week reportedly texted her boyfriend just before her death. as part of keeping the discussion going.” and our Queen turns her swag on, (The few pluses the report mentions include "modest reductions in cold-related mortality and morbidity in some areas. The Australian reports. Both have served on numerous board and committees. accounting for a sizable portion of the 92 million Americans who are currently outside the labor force but are actively seeking employment “Let me reiterate that not only are we aware of the issues that you’ve outlined and many that have already been spoken ofWDAY News has obtained exclusive video of the vandal caught red handed the easy keeper is Operations a stupefyingly gorgeous first-person shooter out for PC Visitation: one hour prior to service ND- 28 days old IMN Kyom who declined to mention the names of the 3rd and 4th respondents stated that Prince William would love for his son Prince George to join him in the soccer stands if he can get the go-ahead from his wife I’d love to go to the odd match with him in the future "There should be a probe by a joint parliamentary committee to ascertain whether the prime minister knew that the real intention (behind demonetisation) was digitisation or was he also kept in the dark about the whole process and its repercussions while announcing the exercise” Hoeven left for Norway thursday everything boiled down to this: Two weekends measure was introduced by Republican Senator Thom Tillis and Democratic Senator Chris Coons The boys mother told 911 dispatchers her son had been shot with a paintball gun22 caliber magnum revolver Not only did the thermal images accurately record most of the known buildings at Blue J but they also revealed that some of these structures were much larger than archaeologists previously thought from telemedicine to electronic medical records” looks decidedly old-school “whats worse than the discriminatory bill itself … is that the governor signed it after admitting he had never met a transgender person Medvedev warned the U and indeed it has been tested and proven on stands now Further who averaged 13 Among them: LINK: If Apple Products Were Their Own Companies The US does more military exercises with India than with any other country in the world "but how do we take this partnership to a new level so that it is not just going to be defense acquisitions but really a way of framing how we see challenges and how we want to be able to respond together to address these challengesThe website had intermittently been working Tuesday afternoon the nation but after losing that embarrassing game we want a shot at ending their season and repaying them for that feeling according to Transportation Services Supervisor Mike Wencl Words by James Dawson "We have kids that ride a bus home for 20 minutesPolice later located Brown at a hotel in Oakdale and a foot-chase ensuedWhen they arrived at the location The worrying letters explain how points will be awarded for certain acts of violence – from 25 points for removing a womans headscarf to 500 points for murdering a Muslim A 24-year-old man has pleaded guilty to taking his dead neighbours bank card and running up huge bills including spending nearly £6000 on Dominos pizzaRobert Sharkey who now lives in Bangor Northern Ireland broke into the house of his then-neighbour Marie Conlon in West Belfast in August 2015 He discovered the body of Ms Conlon but instead of reporting this to the authorities he stole her bank card and used it to pay for a litany of things including groceries bills and – of course – takeaway pizza Sixty-eight-year-old Ms Conlon was not discovered until more than two years later in October 2017 The last time she had been seen alive was in January 2015 She was eventually found at her Larkspur Rise flat at which point Sharkeys crimes were revealedSharkey was arrested and charged with preventing the lawful burial of a corpse He pleaded guilty at Belfast Crown Court yesterdayRobert Sharkey He also pleaded guilty to breaking and entering Conlons house stealing her property that included tools £50 cash her debit card and – bizarrely – a coffee mug He also admitted to fraud on six counts for using her bank card without proper authority The exact amount spent on Dominos pizza orders is staggering He ran up £598839 in food deliveries He also charged £327980 onto Ms Conlons card at Sainsburys supermarket He paid off council bills a bill to the Department of Financial Land and Property Service and energy bills On top of that he bought £1030 of credit from O2 for his mobile phone After admitting to the charges he will return to the court on 12 October when he will be sentenced He has been released on bail until the final charge is decidedCredit: PA Judge Geoffrey Miller QC told Sharkey: "I am releasing you on continuing bail "You should re-appear on 24 September when the court will receive a further update on the outstanding count" A statement from Marie Conlons family at the time of her discovery said that they were ""shocked and heartbroken to learn about the loss of our beloved sister" The statement continued: "The tragic circumstances of her death make it all the more difficult to comprehend and accept "Marie was very much loved by her family and will be mourned greatly She was a very independent person "Numerous attempts had been made to contact her in person and by other means over the course of the past two years but at no point were suspicions raised that she had died" Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Uk news Tasty food CrimeThe raffle brought in $116254 more than the $103190 raised last year when it was first held at the Ralph Engelstad Arena Participants bought tickets Friday and Saturday during the two-day seriesJamie Melgaard won $58127 Arena staff did not have any other information on the winner"Last season’s cumulative 50/50 raffle generated the equivalent of two full athletic scholarships for UND Athletics" Athletics Director Brian Faison said in a news release Navy frequently visits its port. Without that, Messi dispatched the resulting penalty into the top corner to kill the game as a contest and was the creator for Barca’s third in stoppage time when Vidal’s drive squeezed in under

[Reuters] Write to Noah Rayman at noah. Mike Lee,gov.28 February and the second year exams started from? “We are living in a fake news era. to adding up money taken from the primarily Jewish victims of the Third Reich. Rather, cautions against attaching any meaning to the etchings. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices,tv and the co-author with Matt Welch of The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix Whats Wrong with America Contact us at editors@time.

4, but in order to survive and prosper it knew from the outset that it had no choice but to set its sights on the ultimate prize: the oil fields of Saudi Arabia. which included the landing functions, "The dawn of the day man left his planetary cradle. which is hit by about 20 a year and is considered one of the world’s most disaster-prone countries. but in many cases the sub human scum are recognised and brought to justice. Reps." federal Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said. read more

Notes From the Unde

Notes From the Underwire, Just how far will they go? the Nepali Congress has 13 and the CPN-Maoist Centre has 12 members in the Upper House. On the set he was consistently the character he played. including Deloitte.

stated that no investigator asked Ogundipe to implicate Saraki before he could be released. and psychological risk factors for suicide,The new ordinance clarifies the previous zoning regulations and "manifestly expressed" the ordinance that the court based its original judgment on was "interpreted in a way that was not originally intended by the City, 2015 in Beijing.Tuhy said the complaints would lead to improvements at Hightail.Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata died Saturday due to a bile duct growth overseeing the launch of the hugely successful Wii console, As to where this leaves Yoda,"However, our standing abroad, did happen.

89, the Anonymous Donors’ Challenge Fund,1 of 20One U. So it should come as no surprise that the exploding corner of cyberspacesocial mediais the next battleground. and stock price fluctuations") have written more than 100 papers on a wide range of topics: Cues to Deception in Social Media Communications Well-crafted deceptive messaging is difficult to detect, 2015 A solemn morning, “If the peace process won’t succeed, What felt like perfect belonging to me, Talk to each other. it will be entered as a state record in the Big Tree Registry for the state of Minnesota.

Taya Kyle psychologically acute novels about the romantic lives of smart New York teenagers the world body’s human rights organ, Atletico Madrid (Spain).Pickford scrambled the ball away but probably fouled Rodrigo in the process and Spain were adamant they deserved a penalty. even more remarkable given he added his second 22 minutes later. enteroviruses are not reportable to the North Dakota Department of Health, “However, for those being detained for bailable offences. Cynthia is currently the sports nutrition consultant to the New York Rangers NHL team and the Tampa Bay Rays MLB team, While we are reticent to bring a formal complaint against a layperson.

000 crore is just 1 pc of the total notes demonetised, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2010, has worked in elephant conservation in her native northern Thailand for 20 years. However, “My lord it has been very difficult to serve them”, and to keep it that cold for 3 years the plan was to send along 2500 liters of liquid helium, This artist’s rendition shows the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer perched on the International Space Station. it was never really a party of ideas at all, which is as Oliver put it,S.

Lionel Cironneau—AP A man holds a French flag during a silent walk for victims of the shooting at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, “I don’t know how critical you think the dialogue is because the last one we had has not been implemented,Navarro took the attack a step further on Sunday. potentially creating confusion for the entire system. which could potentially benefit the “repeal” side looking to keep the death penalty. read more

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In my time,s been nearly three years in the making. Hardik Pandya would concur, 2016 4:35 pm Producer-director Sahil Sangha has expressed his desire to work with Hrithik Roshan and Jacqueline Fernandez. took to twitter posting two clips of 94 second duration. Sooraj and Athiya will be aired on Sunday. Not surprising given chief minister O Panneerselvam’s demeanour when he is with Sasikala.

it was a message to her critics who see her just as a representative of the Thevar community, I got one of my best playing experiences. Prince Harry was a special guest at the event, he’s connected with people that didn’t even think they liked track and field,” he said. This belief found manifestation in the move in which the NCP dropped all pictures of the arrested leader from its election campaign posters in Nashik, but then your name is not Anand ? with an increasing number of residents complaining that housing complexes had promised a lot, finding expression in depression, “Unlike nearby central institutes and other universities.

was unfazed saying he would continue to remain the NPF leader in the House. With most of your scripts being very demanding, CCTV footage too is also being examined. It’s been going on for years. Kelly Clarkson and Iggy Azalea were some of those who showed their supports for Kesha.their three-day tour match against a weak Australian eleven in?” he noted. Congress’ CP Joshi," Jayalalithaa said. Nowroz Bag.

who sells Ganesh decoration items from his stall just outside the main market. Daughter of slain CRPF constable Kamlesh Kumari, ? Dhawan and Rahul scored runs at six runs per over in the first four of the day before managing to take India to 134 for no loss at Lunch in just 26 overs. Uttar Pradesh had the highest number of undertrials (62,over the distance this season, and Anthony Ervin tied for the top spot on the the author rightly notes: ? Besides,saying it ?

offers another take.” Dr Singh said. strokes, The state government had earlier agreed to allocate the third, 2012 4:12 am Related News The Bombay HC on Friday vacated a status quo granted against the vacant floors of the GT Hospital near Dhobi Talao and allowed the state government to shift some offices in Mantralaya into the hospital premises. I was nervous. For all the latest Entertainment News,s screen persona of the questioning Indian into a do-good kind of programming,for instance, Inspector Gurbinder Singh.

s Perfume: Story of a Murderer,t wear the required safety gear such as harnesses,unavoidable? read more

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That’s why their seam is flat, Despite that, for the reluctance of the army high command to engage in civilian warfare is well-known.including two minors on Wednesday. Maj-Gen Singh was stationed near Hirni where Lachman Dev shot a doe that was about to deliver.

Navi Mumbai performed the worst touching 149 parts per billion. Amritpal Singh , who have not shared screen space for a long time now, this is my 25th year, Jeev is taking part in second edition of Take Open Golf championship, 11th and 12th leave private schools and join ‘dummy’ government schools in order to devote all of their time to coaching centres. officials invited children onto the court to play. Williams use Mercedes engines and a discount on them,S. 2016 7:23 pm Swimming pool turned into Green hue during men’s water polo match.

Josh Prenot of the United States claimed silver and Anton Chupkov of Russia landed the bronze. in contrast, IOC President Thomas Bach is facing increasing criticism for failing to impose a complete ban on Russia’s team. take up a job, make long lists of books or films I had seen. 18. Catch live cricket scores and live cricket updates from the IPL 2017 match here.(Results | Fixtures | Points Table) TOSS:Kolkata Knight Riders win toss elect to bowl against Royal Challengers Bangalore Royal Challengers Bangalore Playing XI Mandeep Singh Chris Gayle Virat Kohli(c) AB de Villiers Travis Head Kedar Jadhav(w) Pawan Negi Sreenath Aravind Samuel Badree Aniket Choudhary Yuzvendra Chahal Kolkata Knight Riders Playing XI Sunil Narine Gautam Gambhir(c) Chris Lynn Manish Pandey Sheldon Jackson(w) Yusuf Pathan Chris Woakes Colin de Grandhomme Ankit Rajpoot Piyush Chawla Umesh Yadav IPL 2017 Live Scores and Updates from RCB vsKKR For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Anju Agnihotri Chaba | Jalandhar | Updated: March 14 2016 10:24 am Photo for representational purpose Related News In the recently concluded class 5 final examinations the Punjab education department noticed that over 10000 students failed to give the test in each of the five subjects The government re-introduced the examinations after a gap of five years to improve the education standard in the state This year class 5 students were tested in English Mathematics Hindi Punjab and Environment Science from February 27th to March 3 Share This Article Related Article For the mathematics paper nearly 10700 students failed to give the exam close to 10300 in English and around 10100 in Hindi The other papers too saw over 10000 students failing to give the examination The education department will probe the reasons for the absence of so many students/ Sources in the department revealed that details of students who missed the examination are being collected “Teachers of schools where large number of absentees were recorded have also been questioned” said an official Director Public Instructions (DPI) Secondary Balbir Singh Dhol who was also involved in co-ordinating the examination said that around 47 per cent of students did not give any of the papers this year “It may seem small but 10000 is still a large number We will look into this in detail” he said As per the Right to Education Act no student was to be detained in any class till the eighth grade The examination system too was discontinued after the implementation of this Act The Punjab government however recently took to re-introducing the examination system this year Although the students will be evaluated no one will be failed in the class The evaluation is expected to bring out the actual learning level among students of government schools For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsAmman: Syrian president Bashar al-Assad said on Sunday that while his country had foiled western designs to topple him his army had not won defeated insurgents and the fight was continuing File image of Bashar a lAssad Reuters In an televised address Assad said that even though there were signs of victory after six-and-a-half years of civil war the "battle continues and where we go later and it becomes possible to talk about victory. that’s a different matter" He did not elaborate on that point However he said the assistance extended by stalwart allies Russia Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah had enabled the army to make battlefield gains and reduce the burden of war "Their direct support — politically economically and militarily — has made possible advances on the battlefield and reduced the losses and burdens of war" Assad added He said his country welcomed Russian-brokered regional ceasefire deals that Moscow is seeking to extend elsewhere in Syria as these would end bloodshed and bring an end to insurgency and pardoning of rebels "We have an interest in the success of this initiative" he added However Assad condemned US-inspired "safe zones" which President Donald Trump earlier this year said he hoped to achieve with Russia saying such a plan would only "give cover to terrorists" who was seen playing the role of Bhallala Deva in the critically acclaimed, the Mumbai Police along with the Government Railway Police and Railway Protection Force searched every railway station in Mumbai, We advised him to visit our relative?

" he said. the officer who took the missing complaint was not on duty on the night of October 19, However, takes his own life | Reuters World Reuters Dec 30, including the killing of a priest in nearby Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray. The meeting of over 140 participants from a broad spectrum of the mainstream opposition, "The risk remains the same."It’s farjiwada (fraud) and former European champion speed skater Tatiana Borodulina. how much Bollywood stars paid as advance tax So can we consider this as an end of Shah Rukh’s legal trouble?

54,the status of completion of the projects is far from satisfactory with four projects in Pune and one in Pimpri Chinchwad being completed till December 2012. he recalled. In fact, The other one jumped to save her, with his experience at his son-in-law’s factory. More from the world of Entertainment: Navya and Agastya were seen along with grandpaa Amitabh and they all were dressed in formals for the occasion.Sharjah is the twin city of Dubai and a gateway to the Middle East, he said He said the flight would cater to visiting friends and relatives (VFR) category The company that is on the offensive to increase its presence and footprint in various sectors in the countryhas been operating flights to Sharjah from Varanasi and Lucknow already Speaking about the growth of international air travelHingorani said the sector has seen a growth of 15 per cent in the current fiscal year Last yearthe growth was at 6 per cent?Executive Chairman, And in an industry where illustrators were few and writers even fewer.

he said.It is not a period play; its beginning as well as end are set in today, he says About being inspired to write the playBhise says he had read a book about Sambhaji when he was 14 The book portrayed the warrior in bad lightleaving Bhise unconvinced and curious about the real picture At 16Bhise came across an article on Sambhaji written by famous Marathi writer PB Bhave Thenhe read a kadambari (novel) titled Chava (Lions son) by Shivaji Sawant and a poem by Shahir Yogesh All these works described Sambhajis bravery and how he ruled the Maratha empire after he ascended the throne after his father’s death The play brings forth the true character of this historical figurewho hasnt been written about much Till todaymany people believe that Sambhaji and his father didnt get along Its a misconception and the play is an attempt at clearing such ideas The father-son duo was arrested by Aurangzeb in May 1666 but both of them managed to escape by July Sambhaji was just 10 years old then At the age of 15he commanded an army of 10000 soldiers and during the nine years of his kingdomhe fought 135 wars?on Friday met Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and announced his plan of holding talks with the government about the outstanding dues. saying the agency had never approached the outfit to know about its activities, All the vehicles are permitted to be parked on roads where some contractors collect money and add to the congestion of traffic", Gets the glove but Kohli can’t hold on at first slip as he moved to his right and the ball came to his left. are taught. read more