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A Day in the Life of a Collaborative Workspace

“Cultivating a collaborative culture” has become a common element in many a modern corporate mission statement — an onus carried on the shoulders of various disciplines within the business. Incorporating Technology in Modern Workspace Design Michelle Burbick May 16, 2019 A snapshot of how modern offices that bridge technology with physical spaces can have maximum impact for businesses and their employees For IT, supporting a culture of collaboration means ensuring employees have desktop tools and meeting room technologies that facilitate conversation and enable seamless content sharing. Similarly, Facilities must make sure that employees have workspaces — big and small — that are conducive to different kinds of collaborative work. And the HR team must ensure that the overall workspace and technology strategies jibe with employee expectations around collaboration. See All in WorkSpace Connect » Tags:News & ViewsHuddle spacesDigital Signageteam chatWorkSpace ConnectDigital WorkplaceEmployee ExperienceFuture of WorkNews & ViewsVideo Collaboration & A/V Articles You Might Like 420210_WSC19-Infographic-Design-650.jpg The real success comes when these three disciplines work together in creating workspaces with collaboration in mind from the get-go. Examples are littered throughout Silicon Valley, where digital companies have turned the collaborative workspace into an art form, and beyond. Here in the heartland, two great recent examples are the new headquarters projects from McDonald’s and Zurich Insurance North America. DayinLife.JPG Despite the widespread imperative to build a collaborative culture and some great examples of businesses that have gone to work on this mission, many organizations struggle in meeting the mandate. Too often, IT, Facilities, and HR live in silos, hamstrung by an inability to collaborate effectively. We hope to help break down the walls, and to provide you some inspiration for your workspace in the below infographic, in which we imagine a day in the life of a workspace where collaboration is second nature. (Infographic download available here.) Log in or register to post comments read more

COP21 Ban tells private sector how we do business today will determine

“The collective momentum among the private sector for climate action is growing daily,” said Mr. Ban alongside the United States Secretary of States, John Kerry, and the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Laurent Fabius, at a high-level meeting of the UN Global Compact’s Caring for Business Forum.Held over two days on the sidelines of COP21, the third annual meeting of the Forum aims to provide a platform for dialogue and action among business, investors, civil society, the UN and government officials.Since 30 November, the conference site in the north-east of the French capital has been at the heart of climate-related discussions, with thousands of people from all corners of the globe coming together to push for a new universal climate change agreement that will limit global temperature rise to less than two degrees Celsius. “Across the world, businesses and investors are standing up for a strong agreement in Paris that sends the right market signals,” Mr. Ban underlined. “They are asking for a clear message that the transition to cleaner, low emissions energy sources is necessary, inevitable, irreversible and beneficial.”With “business” as one of the central themes of COP21 on Tuesday, the UN chief stressed that it should be clear “there is no turning back,” and that all parts of society – CEOs, cities and citizens – must be part of the solution. “Just over a year ago at my Climate Summit in New York, I called on business to make their voices heard and to demonstrate that green business is good business. Companies from around the globe have responded. Leading companies are showing that they can address climate change and thrive financially,” he insisted. He noted that more companies and investors are leading on climate action than at any time in history, and that they are doing so “because they understand the risks of climate change, and the opportunities inherent in addressing it.” “We have seen the power of collaboration first-hand through our UN Caring for Climate initiative. This is now the largest coalition of businesses actively engaging on climate,” he explained, adding that one hundred companies are setting ambitious emissions reduction goals through the science-based targets initiative. On the issue of carbon pricing, he indicated that companies have been “instrumental” in ensuring that a price on carbon is recognized as a necessary and effective tool. According to the Carbon Disclosure Project, more than 1,000 companies now say that they have set an internal price or plan to in the future. This reportedly compares to just over 100 companies a year ago – nearly a ten-fold increase. “In the past year alone, over 2,000 companies and 500 investors have registered climate commitments through the UNFCCC NAZCA portal. But to limit global temperature rise to less than two degrees we must go much further and faster,” he warned. Finally, Mr. Ban addressed all the private sector leaders in the room, telling them that as they leave Paris, he hopes they will carry with them a clear message to their consumers, employees, peers – and Governments – “that how we do business today will determine if we can do business in the future.” read more