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Morocco Adopts New Antiterrorism Strategy

Rabat – Morocco has adopted a new terrorist strategy to deal with potential terrorist or extremist threats within the country.The new strategy, implemented by the Ministry of Interior on February 28th, centers on preventative measures such as the monitoring of lone wolves who are not necessarily affiliated with terrorist groups and increasing the capacity of local authorities and enforcement officers to handle extremists in their localities.According to media reports, local enforcement officers were trained on methods and techniques of gathering intelligence. They received intense marathon meetings and training courses, supervised by Bachas, heads of districts and Caids, in coordination with officials of the National Security apparatus (DGSN) and the Royal Gendarmerie. The meetings and workshops were designed to arouse awareness among local enforcement officers who are well aware of the situation in their regions, including the moqadems and chioukhs, and urging them to increase surveillance around the new residents in their neighborhoods and villages, and gather as much information about them.Once collected, the information will be shared during weekly meetings planned across all prefectures and provinces, reported Al Massae newspaper.The information will be then examined by members of a common cell that will consist of representatives of the national security apparatus, which will be called upon to inspect and surround the extremists, the Arabic-speaking daily added.According to the same source, the objective of the new anti-terrorism strategy is to accelerate the suspects’ recognition process, especially as extremists are likely to act alone and be guided from abroad by transcontinental groups via social networks. read more