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Survey to determine reasons perpetrators abuse children to commence soon – CCPA

first_imgWhile some are of the view that perpetrators of child abuse suffer from some form of mental health illness, the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA) is in the process of commencing a survey to determine the root causes of this social scourge with the aim of preventing them from occurring in the future.Child Care Protection Agency Director, Ann GreeneThe Director of the agency, Ann Greene, in a recent interview with Guyana Times, admitted that currently, the CCPA does not take on the responsibility of sitting down with abusers to find out the reasons for their behaviour.However, with abuse cases seemingly sky-rocketing in the past few years, this venture has now become more necessary than ever.“Personally, we don’t [converse with perpetrators] but the whole processing of a perpetrator, even when they go to the prison, they have to analyse the man because you going there for rehabilitation so when they enter prison these things got to be done. If you are a child abuser, they need to be evaluated and find out what’s happening so they can do the whole rehabilitation. So, it is not done say by us but to tell you that people who abuse children something got to be wrong”, Greene stated.As a consequence, the Child Care Director spoke of the need for the survey, which will hopefully commence soon in the prisons, to learn why abusers resort to these acts.“There is a mental issue and, in fact, I am looking at doing a research this year to show something. I am hoping to do a research this year and go into the prisons and talk to all those serious offenders to prove something that I have done a literature review on it but I am actually going to do a research to really come out with some evidence because people who abuse children, you got to got some mental health issues”.Last year, over 4900 cases of child abuse were recorded. In fact, the CCPA noted that by the end of October 2018, the agency had already responded to 4352 child abuse reports, which happens to be the highest number of reported cases ever for the period.In fact, a 25.4 per cent increase was recorded when compared with figures for the same period of the previous year. Only recently, a report conducted by Child Link revealed that there have been three times the sexual violence cases against boys, while girls continue to be the dominant victims of such acts. (Davina Ramdass)last_img read more

Chinese chip giant SMIC to delist from NYSE following Huawei ban

first_imgAnother Chinese tech giant is withdrawing from the US, voluntarily delisting from the New York Stock Exchange. CBS/iStockphoto China’s largest chipmaker plans to delist from the New York Stock Exchange.Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) cited limited trading volumes in the US in comparison to the rest of the world as the reason for delisting, according to the South China Morning post on Friday.SMIC also said “the significant administrative burden and costs of maintaining the listing” on the NYSE were reasons for withdrawing.SMIC, which provides integrated circuit foundry and tech services on process nodes from 0.35 micron to 28 nanometer, said it will file the form to delist on June 3, with its last day of trading to be around June 13.While its headquarters are in Shanghai, SMIC also has labs throughout Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Jiangyin and Italy. It also has offices in the US, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.The decision to delist follows Chinese technology compatriot Huawei being blacklisted by the US last week, and President Donald Trump signing an executive order essentially banning the tech giant following national security concerns that Huawei had close ties with the Chinese government amid the US-China trade war.SMIC didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, but told CNBC that its decision to delist was not related to the US-China trade deal.”SMIC has been considering this migration for a long time and it has nothing to do with the trade war and Huawei incident,” a SMIC spokesperson reportedly told CNBC.”The migration requires a long preparation and timing has coincided with the current trade rhetoric, which may lead to misconceptions.” Share your voice Mobile Phones Politics 4:59 Now playing: Watch this: 0center_img Post a comment What is going on between Huawei and the US? Tags Huawei Donald Trumplast_img read more