Inflating Scores

first_imgAre we putting so much emphasis on ratings that football teams think they have to run the score up on weaker opponents?  We know that the college football playoffs is something that will be determined by a select committee.  We hope that this committee is able to determine who the top 4 teams are and give us a good playoff format this first year.I think it is happening at the high school level even though the Indiana system is simply win and go on.  However, some teams like to see their name at the top of polls.  How else can you explain why Columbus East thought they had to humiliate South Dearborn this past Friday night?  I have watched the Columbus East scores for the past few years and listened to some of their games.  There are times when the coach has left his starters in the entire game even though they were winning by 5 or 6 touchdowns.  This past Saturday, TCU scored 82 points on Texas Tech winning 82-27.  I am not sure what that proved except that they have now scored the most points in a game this year.  Michigan State left their starters in against Michigan and scored a touchdown with 28 seconds left in the game.  A simple kneel down would have run out the clock.  These are some examples of inflating scores just to impress the pollsters.last_img

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